Goodies Under 100K: Aztec Clay Mask

Normally, I’m not that well informed about the latest hype on our beloved Forum’s skin care threads. It seems that there are always new “must try” skin care brands or skin care products popping up every week, and I have too short of a n attention span to follow all the excitement. However, every now and then, there will be some items that catch my fancy, and I’ll end up trying them.

I was browsing FD’s Beauty Market Plaza when I saw Aztec Clay Mask for share. After browsing the forum’s Skin Care thread, I decided to Google for some more information and come to good reviews regarding this mask. Here’s the excerpt from the package:

Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay, “World’s Most Powerful Facial”

Aztec Indian Healing Clay helps to remove dirt and impurities from the pores of the skin. The clay is beneficial for deep pore cleansing.

Aztec Secret Healing Indian Clay is bentonite clay, considered to be the very finest. This clay comes from Death Valley, California. It is sun dried for up to six months in temperatures that reach up to 134 degrees. Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay contains over 50 natural mineral compounds.

FD members in this thread and other beauty bloggers are singing praises for this mask, so I decided to give it a try. I’m really curious on their claim as the “most powerful facial”, and even more curious on how some beauty bloggers describe the mask as “self pulsating” because I really need some serious deep pore cleansing. I have oily, break out-prone skin, complete with clogged pores and uneven skin tone. My latest facial experience at some random salon left me with sore face (I can’t stand pressure) and bad break out, so I’m a bit traumatic on going for another much needed facial. Aztec Clay mask seems to be the answer to my need, so I bought the clay from FD Seller Char Mi, Rp. 55,000 for 0.25 lbs.

There are various suggestions on how to whip the mask. The producer suggested the use of Apple Cider Vinegar (AVC), and some international beauty blogger suggested on the use of non-filtered AVC for the best result. FD members have tried using mineral water, green tea toner, and other various liquids according to their preference. I decided to go with AVC because I read that it will give the most ‘pulse’ when applied to the skin.  I bought the Heinz AVC from supermarket just because it was marked down to Rp. 27,000 (me, ever the thrifty one), but you can find Bragg’s unfiltered AVC at Food Hall or go with the local brand Tahesta Cuka Apel (Rp. 26,000 at pharmacies).

I mixed 1 table spoon of clay powder with 1 tablespoon of AVC until it became smooth paste, using only non-metal utensil. I find this ratio gives me enough for my face and neck.

Then, on clean face, I spread the paste on my skin. Don’t spread it too thin (as in your skin is still showing), but don’t do too thick either because then it will take longer to dry. Leave it until dry, for me usually it takes about 30 minutes.

Now, what happened in the 30 minutes while waiting for the mask to dry? It really feels like your face is pulsating! The mask, in the process of drying, push and pinch your skin so hard it hurts! For me, the worse sting is on my neck area because it feels like somebody’s choking me. In my review on the Azted Clay thread, I wrote “kayak dicekek Rahwana” and I still feel that way after several application :)

After about 30 minutes, I clean my face with just tap water. I use handful of water to damp my (dried off) face, then slowly wash the mask away. Don’t be alarmed when you see your face all red, because the redness will go away in about an hour or so. This what my skin looks like after my first use of this mask.

Scary, huh? And let me tell you, it doesn’t get better after several time applications. Every time, I always end up like this for at least an hour. So I only use the mask at night or on weekends where I don’t have anywhere to go.

After the first time of usage, I felt my face really clean and taut, but not dry. Maybe because I have oily skin to begin with, and I immediately put moisturizer after. I didn’t see any marked improvements on my skin texture or reduction on blackhead/whiteheads, but I think one application is too soon to come with a verdict. So I’ve been continuing to use the mask once a week for about a month now, and I’m happy with the result. I don’t break out that much anymore, one here and there, but nothing major. My skin feels supple and my pores appear smaller, especially those in my nose area where trapped oil and dirt often comes out as acne. However, I still cannot get rid those pesky whiteheads under my lips, and even the mighty Aztec Clay cannot help me.

So the verdict? This one is a keeper. Yes, it’s messy and painful, but since it helps with my acne problem, I will (try to) continue to use this one.