3 L’Oreal Products I Rave at L’Oreal Beauty Workshop

When I attended L’Oreal Beauty Workshop to represent Fashionese Daily, I had so much: fun chit-chatting with fellow bloggers, paying attention to Adi Adrian’s makeup demonstration and getting to know to L’Oreal new products. The tables were full with beauty products from L’Oreal which we could try right away.

Even though I had put my makeup before going to the event, I couldn’t help but removing my makeup so I could start all over again with the provided items. We all ladies were so happy to play with L’Oreal products, especially with the new items that L’Oreal highlighted. After trying a lot of different things, I found some that I was particularly very happy with. Here are my favorites:

1. L’Oreal True Match Foundation (Rp 149,000)

This foundation aims to match perfectly to skin texture and tone. Known for its wide tone selection (there are originally 20 shades of True Match foundation), L’Oreal brings 6 shades that are most suitable for Indonesian women. When I tried True Match Foundation, it lived to promise that the formula is easily blendable to your skin tone. The foundation texture appeared smooth on my skin and didn’t look heavy at all. Fortified with SPF 17/PA++, it also gives moderate protection against harmful UV rays.

2. L’Oreal Double Extension Curl mascara (Rp 189,000)

Usually when I apply mascara onto my lashes, the result depends on how much I’ve curl them with eyelash curler. With L’Oreal Double Extension Curl Mascara, my lashes became way curler and longer, compared to my everyday mascara. I still choose to use eyelash curler, but this mascara adds more impact in transforming my flat lashes into beautiful, fat, curled lashes. The silicone base magically curls and lengthens my lashes, and the black coat makes my lashes thicker. This is definitely what I’m going to buy when my current mascara runs out. One thing I should note: never apply too much of the base coat so the black mascara would go smoother in application.

3. L’Oreal Super Liner gel eyeliner (Rp 159,000)

Being asked on what his favorite L’Oreal products are, Adi Adrian, the prominent makeup artist, mentioned L’Oreal Base Magique and L’Oreal Super Liner gel eyeliner. There is nothing more I should say about Base Magique since Deszell had reviewed it. Talking about Super Liner, the black color is very intense and the application goes truly smooth. Several other bloggers at the event also stated that it worked as well as more-expensive gel eyeliners.

Have you tried any of those products? What do you think about it?