Product of The Week; Alexalexa Reversible Square Dress

If I could go back to Market Plaza Day last Saturday and Sunday, there’s one more item that I would buy. It’s Alexalexa reversible square dress.

Alexalexa was one of the sellers on Market Plaza Day. Deszell and Affi had bought this reversible square dress during Market Plaza Day. But when I stopped by at Alexalexa booth, I only bought a pretty Alexalexa necklace. I saw this dress and been thinking for a while.  But I couldn’t imagine how this dress would look when worn, so I skipped it.

Now that I’ve browsed Alexalexa’s website, I realized that this dress is a must-have. The design and cutting are simple. It enables us to wear it for various occasions depending on how we accessorize it. The two colors are reversible so we can wear it in 4 ways. What a wearable dress!

There are two types of materials for this dress: 100% polyester or 100% silk. The polyester-made costs Rp 170,000 while the silk dress costs Rp 550,000. According to what I saw at Market Plaza, the polyester-made dress is great enough without the big spending. But if you seek higher quality and more comfortable material, I guess purchasing the silk one is worth it.

Thank God I am still able to order the dress. I just need to follow the purchasing steps described in Alexalexa website or order it through :D