ROC Multi Correxion: The Hero of Anti-Aging Skincare!

Not all makeup removers are created equal. I didn’t know this before I started Fashionese Daily and started writing about beauty products for a living. I thought all cleansing products are supposed to have just one function: taking dirt away from your face. That was before I started using ROC Radiance Enhancer Makeup Remover, which does not only take away my makeup, but hydrates, brightens as well as performing mild exfoliation because it contains fruit extract that helps lift up dead skin cells. It does sound like a tall order for just a cleansing lotion, but I’ve been using it for almost a year that I can attest that it really does the job as promised.

I use this product just like I use other makeup remover, I spread a generous amount on my face, massage it lightly using circular motion and then wipe the product off using some cotton squares. I usually proceed with washing my face with water (with or without face wash, depending how “dirty” I feel my face is) and continues with the night cream. Even just after a few uses, I could see that my skin looks brighter and it stays soft and supple too.

This makeup remover is actually a part of the ROC Multi Correxion, a line that is said to be able to combat 5 signs of aging through these 5 actions.

Action 1 – Tackling general signs of aging to the skin

Pure retinol in the ingredient speeds up skin regeneration and stimulates collagen production, while Vitamin E (Tocopherol) act as a weapon against free radical and oxidation process which cause aging to the skin cells.

Action 2 – Fighting against dark spots

A stabilized form of Vitamin C (AA2G)2 helps actively fight against dark spots by reducing the intensity as well as preventing new dark spots to appear.

Action 3 – Intensively hydrating the skin

Glycerine and shea butter helps to give skin an intense 24 hours hydration by maintaining water level on the outermost layer of the skin, which also acts as a skin barrier.

Action 4 – Restoring skin’s firmness

THPE4, a patented active ingredient in ROC Multi Correxion helps to restore firmness of the skin cells by activating the contraction of keratinocyte (the predominant cell type in the epidermis)

Action 5 – Instantly brightening

“Silk Pearls” technology uses silk micro pearls, pigments that were derived from mineral, which reflects light and changes the way skin receives the light, so it helps make skin appear brighter.

Wow, so many actions in one skincare line. Could this be the hero of anti aging skincare we’ve all been searching for? :)

You can get these 5 anti-aging actions in the whole range of ROC Multi Correxion skincare. The products are: Radiance Enhance Makeup Remover (Rp 250,000), Anti-Age Intensive Serum Express Multi-Action (Rp 610,000), Anti-Age Moisturizer Daily Multi-Action Day & Night (Rp 590,000), Anti-Age Eye Cream Daily Multi-Action (Rp 490,000). They are available on all ROC retail stores and counters nationwide.

I’m a big believer of ROC products in general, they are reliable and perform well. My friend also swears by this Multi Correxion line because she said it’s the only anti-aging products that deliver result to her skin, which starts to show early signs of aging, such as wrinkles, dark spots, dryness, loss of skin’s elasticity and dullness.

So if you are on the lookout for some skincare products that tackles all of those problems, look no further, your skincare hero from ROC will save the day!