Today’s Outfit; As Colorful As I Could Be

I had never owned two different colors of outfits before. But when I saw the various colors of Jovita tops from, I got tempted to choose the blue and tosca colors. I thought such top would go great in various styles; match it with skirt, pants, shorts or layer it with outerwear. So, owning the top in two colors won’t be a problem.

When Female Daily Network was holding a meeting at Kemang Icon, I decided to wear the tosca top and paired it with my purple skirt since I knew that we wouldn’t miss such beautiful venue. As I predicted, we were very picture-happy there, especially at The Edge, with its beautiful pool and the view overlooking Kemang neighborhood. I liked how the scenery appeared as colorful as my outfit.


Skirt: bought from Market Plaza Day

Shoes: Buttercup Shoes