Today’s Outfit; Hello Size Zero :)

Today is a good day! We had a meeting with one of the insurance companies in the morning and then walked next door to our very first press conference at Luna Negra. But guess what really made my day in the early morning? I was trying on a few purple-colored clothes and then stumbled upon this blazer. I’ve owned this for about 4 years I think and rarely wear it because it’s a pretty thick blazer. But I took a look at it and noticed the size tag written is 0! I almost put it back but then decided I should just try it on. I could always leave it unbutton if it doesn’t fit, right? To my surprise, it fit me perfectly. I was in awe that I had to make sure there was no 1 in front of the 0. I knew I didn’t lose weight even for a little bit. So it might be vanity sizing, right? Or was it made for a boyfriend type of blazer? Hmm….

Blazer: GAP. Did I mention it’s a size 0? :D
Stripes tee: Forever 21. The color looks very dull in the picture
Skirt: (X)S.M.L.
Shoes: Salvatore Ferragamo

Yummiest Gnocchi Ever!!