What L’Occitane Products I Carry in My Makeup Pouch?

Do you pay attention to the packaging of the items that you bring in your makeup pouch? After all, those are the items that make the most public appearance than any others on your collection. That’s why I like L’Occitane products because they always have nice packaging that is very whimsical and not plain.

These are the items from L’Occitane that I put in my makeup pouch. Aren’t they cute? L’Occitane often releases limited edition products with special fragrances or design that will surely grab your attention immediately. Even though L’Occitane is well known for their skincare, bath and body lines but occasionally they also release limited edition makeup, such as the one I have in my pouch.

Want to know what L’Occitane products making the cut into my makeup pouch?

1. L’Occitane Shea Butter Hand Cream (Travel Size) 30ml Rp 108,000

An old time favourite among many women that contains 20% Shea Butter known for its extra hydration. It’s completed with honey and sweet almond and has a soft jasmine and ylang-ylang scent. Perfect to keep your hands hydrated – don’t forget to reapply after washing your hands.

2. L’Occitane Pivoine Peony Illuminating Powder 01 Etoile Des Neiges

This is a limited edition makeup collection from L’Occitane that they released early last year. It has a really nice cardboard packaging with flower etching on the pan. It’s supposed to add highlighting effect but it’s really lacking in colour so I use it as an all over face powder on the go to add a little shimmer to my face, giving an instant pick-me-up effect. You can see Affi’s full review on this product here.

3. L’Occitane Angelica Eye Roll-On 10ml Rp 320,000

I love reapplying my eye cream, that’s why I get easily tempted by roll-on eye products. It is easy to apply and feels really cooling on your undereye area. Angelica Eye Roll-On comes in gel form so it doesn’t mess your powder and foundation as you leave it to dry. It promises to de-congest the eye area, reduce dark circles and puffiness. Another thing that I like about it is the grassy scent.

4. L’Occitane Pivoine Flora03 Fuschia

Another limited edition collection that is easily loveable. Despite the name – fuchsia – it’s actually more of a candy pink. It has a really nice reflective shimmer that will easily replace your everyday nude lipstick.

5. L’Occitane Cerisier Princesesse Solid Perfume

Don’t you just love solid perfume? They have subtle scent that lingers nicely on your skin, and the size fits your makeup pouch perfectly. A floral fruity fragrance that have a juicy scent of cherries, blended with floral scents of floral accord. Musk and precious woods close up the perfume as base notes. This is another of those limited edition products from L’Occitane that also comes with hand cream, eau de toilette, silky body get and shower cream.

6. L’Occitane Shea Butter Desert Rose Lip Balm Rp 165,000

Another product with shea butter ingredient in it. If you find your lips chaps easily, then this is just the right product for you. Contains 10% of shea butter, not only it nourishes your lips but also helps repair and protect dry and chapped lips. The desert rose variant feels refreshing and have slight fruity scent.