5 Fashion Picks to Find at Market Plaza

Market Plaza Day has always been the one event where I have to save time and make sure I would attend,  prepare sufficient amount of money to shop and also a shopping list. Shopping list is important because Market Plaza has a LOT of good stuff to offer. Therefore, I need a shopping list to stay focused on what I’m going to buy. DesZell has made her own shopping list and shared some beauty products she wishes to buy at Market Plaza Day.

1. Jazzalova Denim Wrap Skirt from Rosaphora (Rp 295,000)

Rosaphora doesn’t only sell body care products as Affi reviewed, it also has a fashion line. When I visited Rosaphora’s blog, there I found a beautiful high-waist pencil skirt embellished with a big bow as the belt. Although it is a pencil skirt, it still looks casual because it’s made of light denim. Because of the material, I believe the skirt would be comfortable as well. Its dark blue color makes it easy to be paired with almost any color. If we need more info or want to make an order before Market Plaza Day, we can email info@rosaphora.com or call 0818222308.


2. Edith White Caramel bag from Ciciero (Rp 340,000)

Finding the right handbag for my everyday bag is important to me because I will be carrying it almost everyday. Changing my bag often would potentially make my stuff scattered or being left. Now I just spotted the right candidate to become my everyday handbag. It’s Edith White Caramel bag from Ciciero. With its versatile design, this handbag looks classic and wearable. I also agreed that Ciciero describes this bag as “easy elegance”. The combination between two-tone material and gold hardware does create an elegance.


3. Holland Black flats from Flats For Jade (Rp 180,000)

Whether or not I need a new pair of flats, Holland Black flats from Flats for Jade seem tempting. It’s a colorful floral-printed with black little bow attached that becomes part of Flats For Jade’s new collection for Spring 2012. What I like about the flats is its colorful color that would be able to spice up my outfits.


4. Ziba Label’s Songket Bali Jacket

Meet this Songket Bali Jacket at Ziba Label‘s booth in Market Plaza Day! There are a few reasons why I like this jacket. Gold thread makes the jacket look elegant. Its boxy cutting allows us to match it with various style of outfits; formal or semi-formal, feminine with dress or casual with jeans and so on. Lastly, the motifs and colorful tones are delicate, don’t you agree?


5. Ollix Necklace from Nefertiti (Rp 179,000)

A single piece of necklace will make a difference in my plain top and  Nefertiti‘s Ollix necklace will make a good choice. Its cube and chunky shape looks unique while its black resin material is neutral enough to decorate any color of outfits.







So any of our picks make it to your list? Do share what items you want to get at our next Market Plaza Day.