Six Cheap Beauty Buys

I’m always searching high and lows for the best bang for the buck. So when I say cheap, what I mean is cheap in relative to its quality. I do not see the point of buying cheap things that can’t deliver; they would only clutter your desk!

Items listed below do their jobs well, and they don’t break the insides of my wallet:

1. Biore Cleansing Oil Sheet

Say goodbye to expensive branded makeup cleansing sheet. Biore Cleansing Oil Sheet is cheap and widely available. I am prone to acne flare-ups, but this one doesn’t give me trouble even when I don’t wash it with cleanser afterward. And oh, it wipes off my makeup well all the other days too. Available at your local pharmacy and supermarket.

2. Sariayu Busa Pembersih Wajah Anti-Jerawat

My skin type is oily, but it is dehydrated – it often feels tight and rough, especially after washing. This facial wash cleans oily and combination skin without drying out to the point of tightness. You can get it at supermarkets, mini markets and drugstores.

3. PAC by Martha Tilaar Liquid Lip Color

Extra-pigmented with brush application. It’s creamy with decent staying power, given the texture. Affordable makeup artist-quality item. You can get yours at PAC counters and stores.

4. Blender Sponge

Blender Sponge image via MakeupToolShop

This is my current HG foundation applicator. Applied correctly, I am able to achieve a smooth, flawless finish with any of my liquid foundations. You apply it damp with stippling motion. The odd shape of the sponge allows you to apply foundation to trickier parts of the face, like the sides of the upper nose and under eye area. I buy mine at MakeupToolShop. You can also read Lena’s review here.

5. Revlon Black Eyeliner pencil

This eyeliner pencil comes double-edge. One end is the eyeliner pencil and the other is the smudger. It also comes with its own pencil sharpener too, so you don’t have to buy separately. For purchase at major department stores with Revlon counter.

6. L’Oreal Revitalift Eye Cream

It moisturizes the eye area without blocking pores (another problem with my facial skin: it gets clogged easily). With your eyes moisturized, fine lines are less visible, and your makeup sticks better. I use this eye cream day and night. Available at department stores, pharmacies and supermarkets.