Matrix Education Tour 2012 Calling Out All Hairdressers

Dear hairdressers, Matrix is now holding Matrix Education Tour from Ferbruary to June 2012. This program aims to educate and improve hairdressers’ skill in cutting, coloring and implementing the trend.

Remember our article about 2012 hair trend prediction by Matrix called Individuality Dual Voltage? Coloring and cutting technique of that hairtrend is the lesson that will be shared through Matrix’s education tour. Together with Matrix Indonesia’s hairdresser ambassadors, Rudy Hadisuwarno and Gunawan Hadisuwarno, Matrix will visit 34 big cities of Indonesia.

To make the tour more exciting, it also hold a competition where the hairdressers are challenged to realize their own interpretation about Individuality Dual Voltage.

In case you forget how’s the 2012 hair trend prediction by Matrix, the trend includes much red and copper, also laser and assymetric hair cut styles.

“Although a trend often becomes the style guidline for many people, basically we need to consider the personality of the client. Thus it’s important to adjust the trend suit someone’s personality. That is the point I want to share with all hairdressers I meet in this education tour” said Rudiahadisuwarno.

So next time you visit your hairdresser that is using Matrix products, rest assured that they know exactly what they’re doing because Matrix team already educate them with the latest product knowledge and informations related to hair trends.