Best Friends Are Hard to Come By …

But luckily I found many because of joining Female Daily Forum :)

As we grow older, I’ve found that it’s getting harder to find friends that you truly can become close with. When I was still in school or college, it seemed that I went to many different types of territory. But since I had a job, my time is either spent at the office or at home with my family. So there has been very little time to make new friends. But it all changed since I join Female Daily Forum, I found many new friends and some even become my closest ones. I even work with them now.

On this particular day, I started the day pretty late because I didn’t go to the office.  Instead, I went straight to Luna Negra at around 11AM for the 2PM press conference for Women Wired Weekend. It was such a lovely day with the rain drizzling down and left such a nice cool weather afterward. I love the rustic setting of the place that is surrounded by wood.

On the afternoon, I went to Union at Plaza Senayan to meet Tika and Widi for dinner as Tika is currently in Jakarta for her summer holiday. I met both of them years ago in our forum and became close ever since. We always try to arrange as many dinner meetups as possible whenever Tika is in the city. Union has become one of the favourite places for me and Widi to meet – they have quite an extensive menu that never fail us. On top of that, you have a wide selection of delicious pastries awaiting for you at the end of your meal. It’s always busy and packed, which makes getting a table right away impossible. But what we love about this place is that they never say no to people who walk in and they’re not too snobby by announcing that they’re full house. They always take your number and actually call you once the table is available.

Me, Tika and Widi

I picked up yet another black dress that day. I never seem to find a reason to stop buying black dress :)

Dress: DKNY
Bag: Aldo
Shoes: Pedro

Rings: Forever 21 and Diva

I’m so excited that Diva just reopen their store in Indonesia. One of their store, which is in Central Park is just right within my neighbourhood. It’s one of the stores that I would visit if I want to find the latest trend in jewellery. I love how they separate the gold and silver tones jewellery so it’s really easy to find what I need.

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  • Lena

    awwww ada tika. hadueh gue udah lamaaat bgt gak ketemuan, terakhir pas mp day deh kayaknya….

    • DesZeLL

      Len, perasaan Tika nggak dateng deh pas MP Day.

  • lavennia

    mba deszell, where did you but your reader?

  • yokekomik

    Amal, cincinnya cantiiik tapi itu selotip di strap kameranya nongol hihihi…

    • DesZeLL

      Hi hi iya :D Baru sadar loh pas mau post fotonya, tapi ini foto yang paling jelas sayangnya :)

  • pencil_skirt

    Mirip.. I have the similar shoes. Tapi jarang dipake karena ketinggian, but mine is in black. hehe.. Nice outfitt!!

    • DesZeLL

      It’s very comfortable! You should wear it more.

  • nenglita

    Baru ngeh sama postingan ini. Pas dipajang, baru keliatan fotonya keren yak *narsis gila, biarin deh ga pernah nongol di TO yang penting hasil fotonya aja :)) * Jadi pengen 5D *ngayal aja dolo*