Lancôme Visionnaire: For a More Supple & Glowing Looking Skin

What is it? Lancôme Visionnaire [LR 2412 4%]

The Claims: Lancôme calls this product as an advanced skin corrector, which is an all-in-one serum that is able to correct wrinkles, pores, and even skin tone, with just one product. Through twelve years of research, Lancôme scientists invent what they called as a miraculous new molecule LR 2412 that will allow it to ‘self-propel’. I will explain more about the ingredient later. The bottom line is, you don’t need to layer your skincare anymore when you have different problems with your skin. This serum does it all.

The promises includes ten times more hydration by helping our skin’s natural hydration capabilities by means of increasing the skin’s hyaluronic acid production. It lifts up the dead skin cells on top of your skin so that your pores aren’t clogged and they appear smoother. Since it is said to have the same effect as retinol in terms of targeting to fine lines and wrinkles, you will see a visibly smoother skin with less fine lines, without the effect of thinning epidermis like what retinol does. On top of that, this product is suitable for every age, because even though LR 2412 does have a retinol-like effect, but it doesn’t contain one.

The Star Ingredients: It’s none other than LR 2412!  It takes Lancôme twelve years and 2412 trials before they get this ingredient correct. The idea came from a self healing properties that plants can do when they are damaged where they produce a “signal-molecule” called jasmonic acid. This would then send a signal to the plant to heal the damaged tissues and gives them extra defense system. Though we have different anatomy compared to plants, but with some kind of scientific mumbo-jumbo, this too can be applied to human.

Like jasmonic acid, the LR 2412 molecule will act like a “signal-molecule” when it fuses with the skin and propels itself into all three layers of the skin. It will start a chain reaction in all layers targeting the key factors that can lead to the renewal of skin’s material.

Packaging & Formula: Bottled in a turquoise blue pump plastic bottle with a silver cap. The serum formula is lotion-like and it’s a cross between (what seems to be) a combination of water and oil. It sinks into the skin very fast like water, though it feels much heavier like oil. It feels really light on the skin, that it doesn’t feel odd at all if you combine it with your Lancôme Genifique.

The Verdict: I was ecstatic when I heard that Lancôme Visionnaire launched in January. I came to the pre-launching event, amidst the busy schedule of JFW back in November, and even though it was raining cats and dogs that day. I’ve been waiting for its arrival ever since I wrote about Lancôme Visionnaire back in July.

Onto the review. My first impression is how impressed I was with the texture. Despite the claim of promoting ten times more hydration on our skin, it feels really light and not rich at all. It’s heavily-fragranced with rose scent, Lancôme signature scent, that I don’t find disturbing at all. It’s actually quite nice. But I know how it will bug some people who wish to have fragrance-free skin care.

Do underline that this product doesn’t replace the work of Genifique for our skin. While Genifique is targeting to work on the gene activity level to keep your skin looking visibly younger, and also help your skincare to work more effectively, Visionnaire is designed to tackle specific (or should I say several of) problems on our skin. Thus, the best way to use this serum is to combine the two together. It will give you the optimum result faster. Unfortunately, at the time that I used this, I didn’t have Genifique, so I use SK II Facial Treatment Essence instead. But after a month of use, I tried using it with Genifique and also L’Oreal Youth Code. The three of them have the same skincare boosting effect and all work perfectly fine with Visionnaire. It’s a sure tell tale that Visionnaire would be able to work perfectly fine with any combination of skincare.

It was too early to actually give an in depth analysis of the serum after a week of usage, but even then I could tell that this serum exactly does just that! What I really notice is how the texture of my skin really look like it is improving, that you can even tell with naked eyes. My skin really looks supple and plumped up. Something that I could have achieved using the Menard Tsukika line, but lately I’ve been too lazy to follow all the steps.

Another thing I’ve noticed is that an open wound that was left from the acne that I squeezed, admittedly on purpose, healed much faster than usual. Proven that the replication of jasmonic acid was no lie at all :)

I would see how dry skin or normal to oily with dehydrated skin could love this product. I don’t know how it would work on oilier skin though. Probably you can compromise on your moisturizer by wearing a light or mattifying lotion, as this serum tends to be very moisturizing. But if you can’t bear on how moisturizing it is, I’ve just got the right serum for you! Stay tuned for my next serum review.

Below are pictures from test conducted by L’Oreal laboratories on this serum and the result from the various tests.

How much? Rp 900,000 (30ml) and Rp 1,300,000 (50ml). Also available in this range Visionnaire Cosmetic Water Rp 500,000 (200ml) and Emulsion Rp 800,000 (75ml).

What can be improved? I could live without the fragrance! Another thing is, I get much satisfying result from combining Visionnaire with pre-essence or skincare booster like Genifique, L’Oreal Youth Code or SK II Facial Treatment Essence. So, a combination of the two best products from Lancôme to date, Visionnaire and Genifique, is something that I would really love to see in the future.