Product of The Week: Oma Anna Fabric Notebook

Once upon a time, I got a handy notebook with interesting design as the souvenir from a fashion show. I brought it everywhere I go and wrote until the last page of the book. But since it was a souvenir, I didn’t know where to buy similar notebook. I often get notebooks as souvenirs but none of them seem interesting to me. So, I don’t have the desire to keep writing on that book.

These recent days, I heard the ladies in our office talked about Oma Anna. Curious, I checked the website. There I spotted a series of notebooks which look ideal for my everyday notebook, handy and attractively-designed. It’s Oma Anna Fabric Notebook (Rp 50,000).

The notebook looks cute with silhouette of a golden eagle printed on the cover. Remember our article about bird print that became one of popular prints on Spring/Summer 2012 runways? I think the notebook’s bird print gives me more reason to adopt it.

Oma Anna Fabric Notebook comes in the size of A6 paper or 10.5 ×14.8 centimeters. It’s composed of brown craft paper that is bound by hands. Last but not least, all colors of the notebook seems appealing: blue, brown, red and purple. I don’t mind if my notebook comes in any of the color options.

Doesn’t the notebook draw your attention?

Here’s a good news for you: If you join Women Wired Weekend conference on the second day, you will get a gift from Oma Ana as well. The conference will explore about finance, family, career and also leadership in digital world. It will be presented by exciting line of speakers such as Ligwina Hananto, Najelaa Shihab and Betti Alisjahbana. Feel free to read the details about the conference or register through this thread. And don’t forget to follow @WWWEvent so you won’t miss any updates about the event. See you around!