Indonesia Daily Veil by Juliasayz

Those who happen to be actively browsing around YouTube for hijab tutorials may be familiar with this name. Yes, it’s a YouTube channel that belongs to Yuliasih Pranata or known as Juliasayz as her screen name. She has made this series of hijab tutorial videos since 2010. What I like most about her tutorials is that she uses variety of shawl, including kain Paris, a material that is widely used among hijabers for daily use.

Paris material has been popular for a while now, way before the extensive trend of long rectangle shawl. It was considered a must-have item for hijabers because the nature of this fabric is thin yet easily formed and stay put in place. As plain as it could be, most wear Paris veil with the same regular style.

In Indonesia Daily Veil, Julia shows us many styles and variations in using Paris shawl. From everyday casual look, to office-to-party mood. The tutorials are noteworthy and very easy to follow.

Well, for the sake of those pile of Paris shawls in our wardrobe, let’s browse her videos and get inspired!






Indonesia Daily Veil 1

Indonesia Daily Veil 2