Affordable, High Quality Makeup Brushes and Things at Makeup Tool Shop

We all have heard the preach of makeup pros: get the best tools.

As a rehabilitated makeup addict, I must agree that the tools are as important as the makeup itself. Here is the catch: the best brushes are usually not cheap. They do last a long time, and they give you a great finish, complementing those beautiful colors you choose for your makeup. Every now and then, we come across “dupes” or duplicates of the best-selling high-end makeup brushes. Often, the dupes live up to the quality of their branded counterparts. The question remains: where do I get affordable makeup brushes? Do I have to scour Pasar Baru, famous for its beauty products wholesale markets? Or do I have to take the plunge and buy from eBay? Indonesian residents, worry not. There is a local online makeup tool shop that enables you to shop for the affordable, good quality brushes.

Jenny, also known by her FD Forum screen name Juleha, set up an online shop catering to us makeup addicts who love a bargain. She opened for our go-to place to get our makeup brushes, sponges, false eyelashes, and a myriad of beauty tool knick-knacks.

I personally have shopped several times at MUT Shop, and found their customer service to be excellent. They offer wide selections of products at the price range you’ll find affordable. The quality exceeds the unbranded brushes I bought from department stores, at the same or even lower price. I’m a big fan of their blender sponge and false eyelashes, and I also recommend getting a set of the slinky brush guards (gotta protect the investments!). Did I mention the convenience of not having to walk out of my door?

I had the chance to speak with Jenny about her online store, and here is an excerpt of our conversation:

How did you start and what motivated you?

This venture happened almost accidentally. I just finished a certification from one of the makeup schools in Shanghai when I started to spend time online to research about makeup. I stepped upon Fashionese Daily Forum. I became an active member in the makeup threads, and they contain a wealth of information that I was looking for. Many times, I posted some of the Made-in-China brushes and tools that I found here in Shanghai, and numerous other FD members were interested in getting them. I started by opening a pre-order of Chinese-brands brushes that I thought were of high quality. To my surprise, I had a lot of orders coming in. Members who placed orders were also satisfied with the quality.  Since then, I became really motivated to take the brush-selling business more seriously. I stayed at FD Forum Market Plaza for three years, and by the fourth year, I put up MUT Shop webstore.

How do you choose the items to be sold in your online store?

I spend hours every day researching current makeup trends, including reading makeup threads in FD Forum to gauge the things that are in the talks. I then survey a lot of suppliers for affordable brushes with great quality. And often, it is not an easy task, considering there are hundreds of suppliers here in China, with different grades of quality. Before I put up the items in the store, I personally try out every brush that I sell for at least a month to ensure that the quality and durability are worthy of our customers.

What are your bestsellers?

Makeup addicts get bored easily!  Our bestsellers change from time to time, usually every 3-4 months. Our current favorites include multi cleanser (for brushes and sponges), blender sponges, and false eyelashes, as well as fuchsia and black book (brush sets), among others.

Thanks for talking with us, Jen!


Jenny currently resides in Shanghai, where she can get access to high-quality bargain beauty products, and passes the savings to you. Don’t be concerned – your orders will be taken care of by her sister, who is in charge of MUT Shop’s warehouse in Jakarta, so you don’t have to deal with international package.

Do visit MUT Shop website to get your fix on these fabulous brushes and things. You can also follow its twitter account @MUTShop for latest arrivals and stock replenishment.

And oh, this is Jenny and I in Shanghai (sorry, can’t help it but put an image of her :D)


* images courtesy of MUTShop online store, and my personal collection :D