When Was The Last Time You Bring Your Backpack?

I guess many of us haven’t worn backpacks for years. I wore backpack daily to school, but I hadn’t kept it since I entered college.

Just a day before I went to Bandung for 2 days for Pond’s event a few weeks ago, I got a new JanSport backpack so I could use it to pack my clothes. What a coincidence! :D

It isn’t an ordinary backpack. I decorated the backpack by myself. With Jansport Design It Yourself, I was able to create my own version of the backpack. I could choose the color of JanSport’s Superbrick backpack, then pick some cute patches to be stitched on the bag. During the campaign launching, I was told that Superbrick is JanSport’s best seller item.

There are about 20 colors of the Superbrick backpack that we can choose from. After choosing the color, I picked some badges. That wasn’t a difficult task since some badges had caught my eyes already.

My favorite badges are the limited edition ones, designed by Sari from White Shoes and the Couples Company. They are gold, round badges with images of a lady or man that look unique yet classic. Somehow the badge with a lady image reminds me of my favorite Audrey Hepburn with the cigarette in her iconic pose. Anyway, Sari’s designs are not the only limited edition collection. JanSport also collaborates with Indonesian graffiti artists named Tutu and Darbotz.


Here is the look of my backpack that has been decorated through Jansport Design It Yourself:

What do you think about my backpack? Are you interested in designing your own bag? If yes, you can do it only during the month of February 2012 at The Goods Dept, Plaza Indonesia 4th floor.