Would You Want to Buy Beauty Products Created by Carrefour?

I always associate Carrefour with a place where I do my monthly groceries; poultry, vegetables, snacks and others of the like. So it comes as a bit of a surprise for me when I read at WWD that Carrefour is going to launch an extensive beauty range with 650-stockkeeping-unit!

The name of the brand for the range would be Les Cosmétiques Design Paris which will replace Carrefour’s exisiting private-label offer. The makeup range can be expected to be seen on Carrefour’s aisle in France beginning March, followed by skin care, hair care and toiletries by May.

Retail prices are expected to be somewhere between €1 to €12 and it will also be available outside France. Before year-end, you can start seeing them in Italy, Spain and Belgium whereas Asia and South America launch are targeted for 2013 and 2014.

There are going to be different sub-lines within Les Cosmétiques Design Paris; Essentials (toiletries), Nectar of Nature (a line of 80 natural-based toiletries, including 20 that are certified organic), Hydra Science (facial care), Age Science (anti-aging), Kéra Science Professional (hair care), Body Ultimate (hammam body care) and Pro’s (makeup).

So, if they ever become available in Carrefour aisle located near you in the future, are you convinced enough to buy these products? The packaging and the names sound convincing enough to me.