The Big Bangs of 2011 and Not Going to Fade in 2012: Celine and Prada

No Excess Baggage with Celine

The year 2011 has been a fantastic year for Céline! Remember the all-crazy Luggage fever, with all of its variations: the Mini, Nano, Phantom, Shoulder? After Hollywood celebrities were snapped carrying a rainbow of Luggages, some of us ran to place a waitlist at local Céline boutiques and with our favorite resellers. I know our Editors were coveting these bags, and one of them was lucky enough to snatch the dark, grainy Mini Luggage.

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Well, Ladies, Céline is not stopping. When Phoebe Philo took reign as the head of designer for Celine, the brand retains its clean, sleek look, with a slight edge of fun. The super simple lambskin tote is practical for everyday use, comes in plain one-color and. And then came the Luggage, with choices of sizes, leathers and combination of colors. Back in 2008, a Céline bag resonated with the phrase “my mother’s working bag”. Well, in 2011, would you dare say the same thing?

After the Luggage, here comes the Trapeze! Structured with handle, I am guessing I will still be seeing a lot of Céline making appearances in the mall, in the work place and in airports.

image via Celine website

The Return of the Iconic Small Triangle

I remember when Prada, for what it seemed an eternity, carried a line of bags with humongous Prada print on the front. I cherished Prada from its earlier days, with its iconic small triangle, innocently placed in the front. Prada from those olden days oozed elegance, simplicity and practicality.

I was more than psyched when Prada went back to its roots, and launching a whole truck load of simple, rectangular bags, with the oh-so-missed triangular plate in the front, either in the brand’s signature nylon fabric and criss-cross embossed-leather. If you didn’t get your hands on one of these Prada signature pieces, worry not, we still have 2012. According to recent espionage reports, Prada keeps releasing these models. These bags are the ones you can carry forever and ever. One of my first branded bags was a black Prada nylon bag, a hand-me-down from my older sister when I was 16. I still can totally see me, some 10+ years later, carrying the same bag going for movies in a casual weekend.

Image via Prada website