3 Reasons to Attend Women Wired Weekend Conference Day 2

Lately, the ladies in our office are getting busier than usual, but we’re excited as well. Women Wired Weekend by Female Daily Network is getting near!  :D

If you’re wondering what Women Wired Weekend is all about, it is the gateway to connect and collaborate. It is the place where you can be inspired, empowered and celebrate the important role you hold as a woman. Through Women Wired Weekend Conference, you can learn from prominent speakers on several topics including: online business, online female market, online community, finance, education, leadership, career and family. And don’t forget that Women Wired Weekend will also have the awaited Market Plaza, other fun activities and entertainment.

Market Plaza has always been an exciting event for me. I could spend hours walking around the area and browsing the items available there. Here in Women Wired Weekend, I would be able to shop in Market Plaza plus learning about interesting topics. What interested me the most from the conference is the Day 2. Why do I have to attend Women Wired Weekend Conference Day 2?

Female Daily Network’s last year seminar, Shape Up Your Financial Future with Ligwina Hananto.

1. So I can learn how to invest and manage money more wisely.

One of the speakers that day will be Ligwina Hananto with her topic Women, Be Financially Independent! She is the right person to learn from about saving and investing money. Also, she understands that it is impossible for us not to shop.

Until now, I haven’t invested my money on Reksadana or any other form even though I know it’s something essential yet beneficial. Most people in our office have been doing it. So after Women Wired Weekend Conference Day 2, there won’t be any reason for me not to start investing.

2. As I woman, I must know how to maintain my identity.

Female Daily is an all-girl office, but they are also mothers, sisters, daughters, wives and so on. With that multiple roles she holds, a woman might find it hard to maintain her identity.

I’m not married yet, but I don’t think I need to wait until I’m married to learn about maintaining identity. So when I become a wife and mother in the future, I won’t be surprised of what I’m going to face.

Woman in The Middle talk show would be the right place to learn about it. It will be presented on Women Wired Weekend Conference Day 2 by Najelaa Shihab, the founder of Sekolah Cikal and Buah Hati Books.

3. To understand better what I’m going through with my career.

I guess Betti Alisjahbana’s talk show about Career and Leadership is something that every working woman should attend, including me. Betti is the founder and CEO PT Quantum Business International. Previously, she was the first woman in Indonesia and the Asia Pacific region to hold the position as the IBM’s Country General Manager. Therefore, Betti is undoubtedly reputable speaker for this matter.

After reading my explanation above, don’t you get interested to join Women Wired Weekend Conference Day 2?

FYI, Women Wired Weekend Conference Day 2 is limited for 200 seats only! So why wait? Let’s register through this thread. Moreover, it’s free of charge. You just need to redeem Women Wired Weekend exclusive merchandise worth Rp 100,000.