Last Minute Tips on Choosing Valentine’s Gift

Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day. Have you bought present for your spouse? If you haven’t, you’re not alone. I haven’t bought any present for my boyfriend either. And I don’t know whether my boyfriend had prepared Valentine’s gift for me or not. We still have time to get the gift this afternoon, right?

Usually, me and my boyfriend are just being straightforward in stating the gift we want. Whenever my boyfriend’s birthday is getting near, I ask him what he want as the present and I also let him know what I want for my birthday. This Valentine’s Day, I want to give him something without asking what he want. There are some choices that already come up in my mind such as: a casual shirt –  so he can wear it on a date with me, or Victorinox multi tool  as Affi suggested in her article because my boyfriend likes functional present. (Hopefully he wouldn’t find this article since he occasionally visits Fashionese Daily)

However, more gift ideas would be great. So when I got the tips about choosing Valentine’s gift from Patti Stanger from Sonny Television’s The Millionaire Matchmaker emailed to me few days ago, I forwarded it to my boyfriend :D Just in case he’s also wondering what should be prepared prior to Valentine’s day. Through the tips, Patti shared what should we buy, what we shouldn’t buy, how to choose gift if we’re on a budget and other tips are shared to help you realize a great Valentine ’s Day. Here they are:

1. Jewelry and watch are gifts people should splurge on.

Patti Stanger the love guru stated that jewelry is the perfect gifts for women because it shows romance. Start out at earring level, then bracelet, then necklace, then go to the ring. For men, it’s an expensive watch. Never buy them socks or shoes because then they will run away from you (a Jewish superstition).

Tiffany cobblestone earring from “Tiffany Garden” collection, Corum watch from Golden Bridge series available at The Time Place

2. For more affordable options, pen is recommended gift for man or bejeweled compact for woman.

It should be an elegant and beautiful pen. It is because pen is something that man can always carry. Woman loves all want pretty little things to put in our purses so bejeweled compact is great. As the alternatives, create a self-made coupon on various romantic and fun things you can do together.

Rhinestone-studded compact mirror ($15) from,  Parker pen (Rp 99,000) from


3. Don’t give a card only.
According to Stanger, it’s a gift that will make your lover never want to see you again. There’s no excuse to not spend some money

4. Consider your income in deciding how much to spend for the gift.

Stanger said, “If you’re a millionaire, I want to see you spend a couple thousand dollars. If you’re a struggling student, or you’ve just lost your job, you’ve got to be creative. If you live in a warm weather climate you can go to the beach and have a beautiful picnic then get some KFC and cupcakes.”

5. For a new relationship, vacation is the perfect gift.

“Go out of town with or without spending the night. A three day vacation and really break out the bank would be lovely. What’s important is you have to see things along the way to create memories. But don’t forget to buy something for your spouse,” Patti said.

If I may add, actually “vacation as a new relationship’s gift” isn’t something I would do. I believe most parents in our nation won’t permit either. Therefore, it might suit married couple rather than new relationship. What do you think?

Photo from showing a beach in Flores, East Nusa Tenggara.

After all, do you find the tips helpful? What are you going to give to your spouse anyway?