Get the Muslim Urban Look at MUSE 101

Another fashion village is coming to town!!

These past years, we’ve been indulged by some new concept store, located conveniently inside a shopping mall. Goods Dept in Plaza Indonesia, Mazee in FX to name a few. These newly opened stores offer 100% local labels coming from young emerging designers.

Muslim fashion is also catching up quickly. Another concept store, MUSE 101, located at FX Sudirman Jakarta is dedicated to those who seek modest and well-covered outfits.  Muse is derived from ‘muslim urban sector’. It houses 16 tenants and position itself to bring muslim fashion into the next level.  Brands available are Jenahara, Ria Miranda, Temikostuff by Temi Sumarlin, Minimax by Indira, Kivitz, Noni  Zakiah, Mainland Heritage, Simply mii, Casa Elana, ZAM by Zaskia Adya Mecca, Kamiidea, Ambu Design, Monel, House of Nabilia, GDAS by Ghaida Tsuraya and Shabilla.

There’s something that will suit everyone’s style in here. Some brands brings romantic, sweet and feminine style in soft and flowery pink colors. Others  offer more edgy, casual and urban look. We do hope that in the future, more Muslim designers will partner with some new distinctive labels to offer.

During its soft opening, Muse 101 gave a special offer for up to 50% and there were some serious attendance to the store!


HouseofNabilia and Fleur accessories in Muse101


riamiranda and missmarina collections


Has anyone been there?