Today’s Outfit: Just Another Saturday Night

Like Affi said in this post, going to the mall usually means work for us nowadays. That’s why, I prefer to go somewhere quite that is not within the compound of a mall during the weekend. Well, I started my Saturday at the mall, but that was work. There was the opening of Heatwave’s new store in EX. But afterward, that was where the fun began, I caught up with some old friends over early dinner at a restaurant in an office building in Kuningan with very little happening except for the crowds at the restaurant. Afterwards, we went for some drinks and coffee at the Epicentrum area that has wide selection of restaurants, cafe and bar and it’s quite different from your usual mall because there’s a lot of outdoor area. Found many interesting spots to take photo in. But too bad we couldn’t get a seat at a place that we wanted to go, that is Bluegrass, because apparently it’s like the new ‘it’ place and the reservation and waiting list were quite long. So I made a note that next time I’m planning to visit, I’ll make sure that I make a reservation first. So, have you tried this place yet? Is it as nice as it looks like on the outside?

Oh, and this is the last time you’re going to see me in this hair style. I cut my hair the next day :)

Top: Cotton Ink
Skirt: XSML
Bag: Mango
Shoes: Heatwave
Necklace: Unbranded

I found this necklace on my Mom’s collection and I immediately fell in love with it. Looks like I’m keeping this one :)