The Latest Products in Brightening & Whitening Skincare

Quite sometime ago I’ve written an article about ‘Brightening and Whitening Skincare for Beginner‘ focusing more on the affordable products (drugstore range) for those who have just ventured into this skincare line, now I would like to write more on the newest products that are available on the department store floor. Many resort to the skincare product line that have brightening or whitening properties when they want to tackle the hyperpigmentation problem exist on their skin, darkening of the skin and skin’s dullness. But if you’re really wondering the best way to choose brightening and whitening skincare you can read Rizka’s article, it gives a really good head start into this range before you begin.

I’ve said it so many times before, but I think I need to say it again, brightening and whitening skincare would not be able to make your skin any brighter than your original tone (which is the skin tone on the inside part of your arm). If it is, then you should be careful, because it shouldn’t do that!

Many beauty products release Asia only brightening range, because we’re just so into those stuff. But most importantly, sometime we also need that to tackle problematic skin symptoms caused by over exposure to the sun, which we’re at high risk. So, I wouldn’t completely write off brightening skincare from my list.

Lets see what the beauty market has to offer for us in this brightening range. It’s going to be a lengthy article, but if it is what you’re looking for, I promise it will worth your time.


La Mer The Whitening Essence Intense

An addition to their already existing The Blanc de La Mer Collection. It promises a more youthful, crystal clear and luminous skin. How? By lifting away all the layer of skin’s discolouration first, to get the clear complexion everyone always wanted. Afterward, they help to hydrate the skin to maintain its elasticity and maintain its plumpness, and help to define skin’s contour by fixing the “architecture” structure of the collagen and elastin that will make the skin look luminous.

As usual, La Mer has been very vague on what combination of ingredients they’re actually using. This particular essence contains the proprietary Miracle Broth, Smoothing Ferment and what’s said to be extremely potent Whitening Trio and Youth Ferment.

So how does this essence lift away all the skin’s dicolouration? Because it seems that is the very first thing that needs to be tackled first to create the luminous and healthy looking skin. They do it in three steps, which are:

  1. Removing the grey dullness using the Smoothing Ferment and accelerates skin’s natural exfoliation process by means of an active brown algea called Laminaria Saccharina while at the same time help to refine pores.
  2. The Miracle Broth will help sooth skin’s condition caused by environmental irritants which leads to redness. Lime Tea extract will help to protect the skin from future irritation.
  3. The Whitening Trio will target stubborn brown spots caused by hyperpigmentation  by dissolving dense melanin so they appear virtually invisible and help to inhibit further development and production of melanin and tyrosinase that is the culprit of stubborn spots.

La Mer The Whitening Essence Intense is Rp 3,100,000 and available at Glow Living Beauty, Plaza Indonesia. It’s to be used in combination with your regular skincare routine and since it’s a liquid form so it easily seeps into your skin and does not take long to apply.


Bulgari Blanc Originel

The renown Italian jeweler has had their own skincare line for a while now. To no surprise, they include gem essence into their skincare products and Bulgari Blanc Originel is no exception. Combining the luxurious sapphire, tourmaline, citrine and amethyst to create the powerful Bulgari Gem Essence which is included in this line. It’s able to eliminate dark spots, helps with complexion dullness and collagen damage to restore your skin to its flawlessly healthy condition.

The line includes lotion (200ml, Rp 937,000), serum (30ml, Rp 2,100,000), emulsion (125ml, Rp 1,725,000) and cream (50ml, Rp 1,800,00). Each with their own purpose. The lotion acts as the first brightening agent that instantly restores your face luminosity and minimize further UV damage. It feels hydrating and not drying at all. Whereas the serum, will tackle the problems at your skin and correct damages such as dark spots, hyperpigmentation, unevenness and dullness. It also prevents the formation of dark spots. The emulsion and cream, both with very light and hydrating texture, will give the nourishment that it needs while working to repair your skin’s problem.


Estee Lauder Cyber White EX

Through years of research, Estee Lauder found that “not all spots are created equal”. Because of this very reason, Estee Lauder decided to create a product that is highly targeted to correct the three most common dark spots found in Asian skin; barely visible spots, small surface spots and stubborn age spots, as well as the persistent recurring spot. On top of that, Estee Lauder scientist also found that there are four other factors in Asian women’s skin that attributed to uneven skin, they are dehydration, uneven skin texture, disorganized collagen and poor microcirculation.

Cyber White EX aims to target all of the above mentioned problems. With the inclusion of full spectrum brightening technologies, not only that it will be able to address the four factors that cause unevenness in Asian skin but as well as addressing the four identified type of spots, thus revealing a translucent, luminous skin with an even-toned glow.

Cyber White EX addresses the four factors that cause unevenness using the ingredients within the Cyber White Brilliant Cells, they are:

  1. Osmolytes to bring back the optimal moisture level of the skin.
  2. An advance smoothing ingredients, which one of them is the unique glucosamine-licorice blend to target uneven skin texture that causes skin to appear rough and patchy therefore inhibits its ability to reflect light. This will help with the exfoliation of dull and rough surface and enhance skin’s cellular turnover.
  3. To help mend disorganised collagen, the collagen protection ingredients also include Vitamin C to help prevent this disorganisation from happening.
  4. Poor microcirculation that is caused by less blood flowing towards the surface is very common in Asian skin, this can cause skin too look dull. Thus, it is suggested to massage the serum into the skin to help skin’s gain back its healthy and rosy glow.

Elure Advanced Skin Whitening

This product really intrigues me. A couple of months before it was launched in Indonesia, which was Q4 of last year, I saw a recommendation on this product in WWD. When it was finally launched here, the product were only sold at selected dermatologist. So it brings the question, whether it needs to be prescribed by dermatologist. The answer is no, you don’t need prescription to buy the products.

Elure claimed, as quoted from the release, to be the first and only skin lightening product range that works by directly breaking down melanin that is known as the molecule that cause skin’s darkening. Elure has proven that even though the products work well in lightening the skin without any side effect such as irritation.

The products include a unique ingredient discovered through years of research, a bio-active substance called Melanozyme. It’s also underlined that most commonly similar products will target on the inhibition of the formation of melanin but this ingredient specifically targets to disintegrate melanin, which delivers much faster result.

The active ingredient used in Elure products developed from Lignin Peroxidase which is an enzyme derived from a mushroom that grows on a trees called Phanerochaete Chrysosporium. What’s so special about this enzyme is that for years  it had been identified as the key agent in breaking down lignin in decaying trees and causing rapid discolorisation. Yoram Kamor, PhD , one of the pioneer researchers of Elure said that the molecular structure of lignin (an organic polymer found in the cell walls of plants) is pretty much similar to melanin. Therefore, they’ve brought it to research and found that lignin peroxidase indeed uniquely breaks down melanin.

The line includes three products: Adanced Whitening lotion (30ml), Advanced Whitening NIght Cream (50ml) and Advanced Facial Wash (100ml).