Nurzahra Resort Collection 2012

A bunch of curiosity came up when we mentioned NurZahra. For those who aren’t familiar with the name, NurZahra is Indonesian fashion brand, mostly providing basic products for those wearing hijab, but not exclusively to. Established since 2008, and launched on early 2009, NurZahra strive to promote the modesty in wearing hijab as muslim wear, and intend to encourage those who just in early step of wearing hijab, to get the comfort, simple and functional ways of being covered up.

NurZahra is the pioneer of hijab style by combining bandana and pashmina/long shawl from jersey material. As for the outfit, NurZahra is famous for its long coat known as Jubah, maxi hoodie and long loose tunics. As muslim fashion is expanding with numerous emerging brands entering the market, NurZahra established their line with more distinctive design and material.


For 2012, NurZahra brings new collections titled ‘Resort 2012’. In conjunction with their previous collection, Nurzahra ‘Heritage Indigo Batik’, this year collection presents customized batik material, in indigo colors and shibori pattern. Its notable point, the entire signature collection is made from natural colors, embracing environmental friendly process in the production of its indigo batik collection. The print design on all items is created using natural dye from plants like indigo for the blue color, while yellow and green, for instance, are extracted naturally from the skin of morinda citrifolia and the trunk of mahogany respectively. The technique is also proven to be safe for the environment because the waste will do nothing but reducing the acid level of the soil.

This new collection will be launched in Indonesia Fashion week, February 23-26, 2012. But we can explore them for they have been available in NurZahra Style Society shop, Level One Grand Indonesia. The place aims to be not only as a shopping destination, but also a place to interact, to share between and among customers, or potential customers,  with NurZahra.

Well, one of the biggest concerns we have (mainly in muslim outfitter threads), is the substantially higher price, compared with other products in the same line. As explained by Windri Widiesta Dhari, the owner of Nurzahra, their batik collections were made with high quality craftsmanship, and always making sure that finest materials are used. As for casual collections, the quality of material used is also of highest priority of NurZahra, to maintain ‘form follows function’ concept of the brand. And of course, all of their collections are sold in limited edition.