My Week With Marilyn Shows Personal Style of The Legend

If I were asked who the celebrities I’d like to meet through time machine, my answer would be Audrey Hepburn and Marilyn Monroe. The two stars are so iconic that I wish that I can see them in real life. I like Audrey Hepburn because of her role in Breakfast at Tiffany’s but I never watched any Marilyn’s movie. Pictures of Marilyn have appeared here and there as she is a famous cultural icon, but do the pictures really show her personal style? Watching My Week With Marilyn will surely help you answer the question.

It’s undoubtedly going to be an interesting movie to watch as some scenes in the movie show private life of Marilyn and you can see the elaborate wardrobes that reflect her personal style. It’s also no surprise that My Week With Marilyn is nominated for couple of of categories in 2012 Oscar: Best Actress in a Leading Role and Actor in Supporting Role. The movie documented the life of Marilyn during the production of The Prince and The Showgirl in England in 1956 and Michelle Williams played Marilyn Monroe in this movie. At the time depicted in the movie, Marilyn was 30 and already with her third husband Arthur Miller.

Jill Taylor the costume designer created the costumes based on photos of The Prince and Showgirl ‘s cast and crews. “What struck me was how she was way ahead of her time, in terms of simplicity. I’ve got loads of stills of her in England just riding her bike in a big chunky sweater in a pair of jeans and loafers. Very simple. Very easy. She was a Calvin Klein girl before there was Calvin Klein. That’s the side I wanted to get across in the film,” Taylor explained about Marilyn’s personal style to In realizing the look, Taylor designed the costumes based on Marilyn’s photo within neutral palette like camel, black and white.


The scene where Marilyn is filming for The Prince and Showgirl

The movie wardrobes include a white dress when Marilyn was filming The Prince and Showgirl that was recreated for 11 days. Taylor recreated one dress only because of the limited budget. On the fourth day, the zip broke. “The way the dress was constructed, you’d have had to take the whole dress apart to get it out. So Vicki (costume assistant) stitched Michelle into that dress every day. Poor Michelle had to stand there for ages, and poor Vicki had to stitch her in! Every time Michelle went outside or ate something, Vicki ran after her to throw a wrap over her”.

What is the secret to achieve Monroe-like body since Michelle’s figure is different with Marilyn’s? Jill Taylor said, “The magic of cinema achieves that shape!” While the movie producer Harvey Weinstein confessed to the Huffington Post, “we added something to her butt”. Moreover, the costume designer gave her a conical 50’s bra from What Katie Did that specializes in retro underwear.

So are you a fan of Marilyn and have you seen the movie?

Marilyn with her husband Arthur Miller

Other Marilyn’s outfits recreated in My Week With Marilyn: