Today’s Outfit: Ladies Who Lunch

Okay, not really. I don’t consider myself one of those “ladies who lunch”. It’s just that on the day this picture was taken, I attended a bloggers luncheon, held by Dove, in conjunction with the launch of their newest haircare line, Dove Nourishing Oil Care. It was held in one of my most favorite restaurants, Koi Kemang. I love gatherings like these where the atmosphere was laid back and warm. The luncheon was led by the always charming Adina Tontey, Brand Manager of Dove Shampoo, who urged us to try and “play” with the new products. It was a much better way of getting to know the product that were being introduced, compared to having to read pages and pages of product knowledge and press releases, without ever seeing (let alone touching and using) it in real life. Everyone sits in long tables, chatting, eating, laughing and learning about haircare in a fun and relaxed manner.

Maia Estyianti, one of Dove’s brand ambassadors, was also there during the luncheon, as well as hairstylist Jerry Pravda who shared a lot of great hair tips.

I’m intrigued by the blends of 3 oils in this product: sunflower seed, coconut and sweet almond oil. I’m a sucker for oils in beauty care products, so I’ll definitely write a review on it and share it with you soon!

After 2 hours of great food and great conversation, each of the blogger went home with a huge box of Dove products and a smaller box containing beautifully handmade jewelries created specially by Elizabeth Wahyu for Dove.

Thanks again Dove & Stratcom for such a lovely afternoon!

XSML top
Karen Millen peg pants
Pedro heels
Gucci clutch, “stolen” from my mom’s closet