Tips for A Successful Bargain Shopping Experience

Have you saved the date for the upcoming Market Plaza Day? So exciting, right? I know, I can’t wait myself. Well, bargain shopping, either in garage sale or bazaar sale, is always exciting. I’m sure most of you ladies are experienced bargain buyers, but for those of you who are just getting the hang of it, here are some of my tips for a successful shopping experience.


Prepare a Wish List
Learn about the bazaars’ vendors beforehand, and decide on what items you want from them. Make a list, and bring it along when you hit the bazaar sale. But although you have a wish list, keep an open mind because you may find something you simply can’t miss.

Bring Small Changes
It’s always good to bring small bills and change especially if you plan on making small purchases.

B.Y.O.B. – Bring Your Own Bag
If you plan for some serious shopping and aim to buy bigger items than, let’s say, make up, bring a large shopping bag along. It will save you from the hassle of handling the numerous plastic bags, and of course, it’s friendlier to the environment :)

Arrive Early… or Really Late
I cannot stress enough the awesomeness of coming early to bazaar sale. By coming early, you’ll benefit from the quiet crowd, and you’ll get the see complete item selections before they are taken by other people. But if you can only manage coming really late, you can sometimes bargain for lower prices, but of course, most of the good stuff are probably already gone.

Take It Slow
If you find yourself at a truly great bazaar sale (with great prices and lots of things you want/need), make sure you have a lot of time to thoroughly browse and shop. Great bazaars don’t happen everyday, you know.

Details, Details, Details
When buying second-hand items, always check out for minor flaws—look out for cracked heels that may harm your ankle one day, also stains and tears on clothes. If you still want those flawed items, bargain for even lower prices for their defects. When buying used clothing for kids, don’t rely only on the size listed on the tag, keep it mind its been washed many times and may have shrunk.

Also, when browsing for second-hand clothes that are not displayed on rack, dig in that trunks, boxes and bins! You’ll never know what treasure could be hidden.

Hold On To It
If you see an item that you may or may not want, pick it up anyway and carry it around a bit, then decide. If the sellers don’t allow it, ask them to hold the item for you for a while. Because if you don’t, by the time you decide that you want it, someone else will have bought it and you’ll hate yourself for the rest of the day ;)


See you there!