FENDI; Back in Jakarta!

You’re not wrong when you said that FENDI was once here. After being absent from our city for sometime, now they’re back with full force. The first store of FENDI opens in Plaza Indonesia, Ground Floor and Plaza Senayan will soon follow to be the house of FENDI’s store. It features the latest FENDI store design, complete with their amazing Amber glass facade.

The stunning boutique will carry the complete range of women’s ready to wear as well as their accessories, from shoes to handbags.

The stunning new FENDI boutique

The brought the Selleria corner to the FENDI boutique in Jakarta that day and showcased the “Fatto a Mano” or Roman craftsmanship and showed us how the artisans work on their work station back in Italy. It shows the intricate workmanship of the Selleria line which is entirely handmade and said to be the best kept secret in Rome.

While the other artisan who was there that day explained to us the step by step process of making the luxurious FENDI fur. We got to watch him ‘mould’ the really fine fur that he was going to use. From sketch, prototyping of the base of the coat to making the base  and finally sewn in the fur.

The varieties of small accessories and embellishment the artisan made

There were two limited edition Peekaboo handbags in crocodile that day that come with an inscribed plate

Can’t get enough of FENDI? We still have some more juicy information of their latest collection coming up next!