A Week in Style: Sweet & Simple MimiAlysa

Started from a style blog, some of us know Devita as Mimi Alysa. Following her passion in fashion and having a business of her own, she had resigned from her corporate job in early 2011.

And now she’s even busier than before, with her emerging label, SimplyMii, that gained such enthusiasm in no time.

From the blog, Mimi is known for her particular style, sleek, sweet and delicate. She is used to design and make her own clothes, since a long time ago. So this SimplyMii collection, is truly a representative of her style, which she described as ‘simple, sweet and syar’i, and the dedication for her belief in wearing hijab.

So these are her a week in style, that she took between her daily packed activities. From handling clothes production in her workshop, meeting with business partners and customers, managing her offline chain, online stores, bazaar, and not to forget, reserving quality time with her little princess, Xeby.


SimplyMii Reversable Scarfs
Unbranded Knit Cardigan – ITC Fatmawati
SimplyMii Wide Leg Pants
Zara Handbag



Unbranded Scarfs – Bazaar Citos
SimplyMii Loose Cardigan
SimplyMii Sabrina Skirt
Guess Handbag


SimplyMii scarf
SimplyMii Circle top
SimplyMii Baby Hareem



SimplyMii Scarf
SimplyMii Loose cardigan
SimplyMii Sofie Skirt
Mango Handbag


SimplyMii Sofie Scarf
SimplyMii Smock Bolero
SimplyMii BabyDoll Dress
Payless Shoestore Minnicci Bag


SimplyMii Scarf
SimplyMii Ruffle Top
SimplyMii Baby Hareem
Vincci Accessories Bag