Live with Less: Minimizing Makeup Collection

As I’ve written in this post, I’ve gotten rid more than half of my make up towards the end of 2010. I also made a vow not to buy any beauty products unless I run out of it and absolutely need it. I stick to my plan throughout 2011. Well, maybe I did buy one or two lipsticks but the beauty products I bought can be counted by my hand fingers alone. Which is a great improvement compared to 2010. I’ve been looking for the pictures when I minimized my beauty dresser but I couldn’t find them in all of my folders now so I can’t share them with you.

Looking back, I don’t miss any of the items I’ve given away. I don’t even remember what they were, so I’ve made the right choice by not keeping them and let them collecting dust. They sure didn’t make my life happier or simpler. In fact, they made my morning routine even longer. And those are precious times where I should have been spending with my family instead. It was indeed a bit hard to part with the beautiful shimmering blushes at first, but I just felt ridiculous for having 15 blushes shade and 40 different lipsticks! I wasn’t even a makeup artist and not even half of them made their way into my face for the past few months. I had a small makeup pouch for items that I use everyday, so I usually just use those and don’t bother with the rest of my makeup collection. Even though I didn’t really use the rest of the items, I still had to put an effort organizing them because my daughter would always play around with them and made a mess while poking one or two eyeshadows. Then I decided to get rid of most of them and I was left with only a few things left, like 6 blushes and 15 lipsticks. Still many for some people but it is considered little for FD-ers :D.

Last week, I checked my makeup basket again and sorted the ones I rarely use. Here’s what it looked like last week:

And these are the items that didn’t make their way back to my makeup basket

I’m keeping these.

And my makeup collection is even smaller now and I only need 1 brush holder for all of my brushes.  :). Oh by the way, I didn’t throw away any lipsticks, they’re stored in a smaller makeup pouch and didn’t make it into the picture.

How about you? Any of you join me in this living with less journey? :D