My Makeup Box to Go

This is part 3 of my London trip series. Please read Part 1 here and Part 2 here.

For a makeup addict, planning and thinking about what beauty products to bring to travel is actually a nightmare. So many choices, so many plans, so many “what if” situations! Because space is limited, we are of course forced to bring only the essentials and for me, having to choose which lipsticks to bring and leave the others behind actually brought forward some guilt and confusion into the process. Yes, I have a very complex emotional relationship with my makeup products :P

Thankfully, before I got a chance to be even more dramatic about it, the perfect solution was presented to me. I was invited to collaborate with Wardah Cosmetics in their Travel in Style program! This means, I would travel armed with a complete range of Wardah products, wrote my travel stories, which they would then publish into a fabulous little booklet (coming soon!). Not only did this make my journey even more interesting, it actually saved me from the headache of having to plan what I had to put into my makeup box!

Anyway, because my schedule in London didn’t permit any experimentation on makeup of any sort, I decided to simplify my makeup look into these 2 concepts:

Day Makeup: Neutral eyeshadow, a thin strip of black liner, black mascara, peachy-pink cheek and bright-colored lipstick

Evening Makeup: Black eyeliner smudged to a soft smokey look, piles of black mascara, neutral cheek and glossy nude lips

Those 2 looks were very easy to create and were relatively low maintenance too. Here are the products I used to create those looks:


  • Wardah Lightening Two Way Cake
  • Wardah Eyeshadow A (It’s an eyeshadow trio with warm neutral shades such as copper, bronze and gold)
  • Wardah Black Eyeliner Pencil
  • Wardah Perfect Long-lash Curling Mascara
  • Wardah Blush On C (this shade is so versatile and flattering, I love it!)
  • Wardah Exclusive Lipstick in Chic Magenta (my review of this shade here) and Matte lipstick in Orange


  • Wardah Liquid Foundation
  • Wardah Black Eyeliner Pencil, smudged
  • Wardah Eyeshadow E in to soften the edges of the liner a little bit. The shades in this trio are shimmery ocean blue, mid tone green with a grey tint (very pretty!) and taupe.
  • Wardah Perfect Long-lash Curling Mascara
  • Wardah Blush On C
  • Wardah Exclusive Lipstick in Sweet Brown (this is the best neutral shade I’ve found in a long time)
  • Wardah Wondershine (I also use this to touch up)

As for skincare, I used the following products:

  • Wardah Lightening Day Cream
  • Wardah Lightening Night Cream
  • Wardah Sunscreen Gel
  • Wardah Eye Makeup Remover
  • Wardah Lightening Gentle Wash
  • Wardah Olive Oil that I used on my neck, hands, elbows, knees and heels to soften the skin.

Some people asked me, did I really use the Wardah products that I brought? My answer is, yes I did! I’m lucky that my skin never had any serious problems but I honestly thought both Wardah day and night cream proved to be wonderful in keeping my skin well hydrated during the cold Autumn London weather. The facial foam was also something I was thankful of because it could really cleanse my face without making it feel dry or taut. In fact, I think my skin looked the healthiest during my 2 weeks there. Of course I’m also fully aware that lack of pollution and harsh UV exposure also did contribute to the state of my skin. A friend took this photo of me and I guess you could see that my skin had that healthy glow to it that I sadly could not recreate after being back here :(

Some tips:

  • No matter what your makeup look is, healthy-looking skin is an absolute must. Stick to your skincare ritual wherever you are and if you’re traveling to a colder climate place, make sure you have some good moisturizing products in your beauty box. They are indispensable.
  • You’ll never hear the end of this in Fashionese Daily and we’ll never get tired of saying it; wear sunscreen! Yes, even if it’s cold outside and there seems to be no sun peeking from the clouds, you can still be exposed to the harmful UVA/UVB so never leave home without it!
  • If you are out and about the whole day, sometimes your eye makeup can smudge and look quite messy. This is one of the reasons why I tend to smudge my eyeliner and eyeshadow when I apply them so even if they move around and create a bit of mess during the day, it will look like I do it on purpose :D Usually, I would check in the mirror. Wipe any eye makeup that looks streaky or oily with my pinky finger, then just leave it like that. I of course try to have an attitude that matches my makeup a.k.a not look so self conscious about it.
  • Sometimes we are so busy that even re-applying lipstick seems like too much effort. Not to mention, there’s a risk of messing it up when we do it in a hurry. My trick is to carry a small lip gloss and use it to retouch. Wardah Wonder Shine is small enough to be tucked discreetly into my bag and comes with a plastic cap that has reflective surface that can double as a mirror. So no need to pull out my compact and attract too much attention to myself while reapplying. Plus, gloss will make you look fresher in an instant.

By the way, do you know that Wardah is having ‘Travel in Style’ travelling style and photo contest where you can win a prize to visit Turkey? Unfortunately, today is the last day to submit your entry, so you better hurry up!