First Purchases of 2012: Shoes!

It’s no surprise that my first purchase of 2012 would be shoes :)

Not just any shoes, they’re from my two favourite brands. It’s an intended purchase and not just one of those that happened in the heat of the moment. What better way to start the year than with your most favourite thing in the world?

I have quite big shoes collection, therefore in 2012 my goal is to be more selective in buying shoes. I’ve just decluttered some of my collection, but that deserve another post to talk about. So to open 2012, I’ve bought these two pairs after given them much thought.

Here are couple of things that I consider before I made the purchase:

  • Because by now, I’ve established which brands actually fit me right or not. There were a few misses where I just bought the shoes in a haste just because the store sold so many good ones that I felt I needed to buy a pair. Now, I tend to avoid those brands which I know don’t fit me well, no matter how good the shoes look! It’s pretty damn hard to do!
  • I have a handful of pairs that I use regularly but there are also those that I don’t, on purpose. I intend to keep them for long period of time. You can only do so if your shoes are made of good quality materials and of good craftsmanship. Therefore, I tend to buy shoes that are made from real leather. You can read more on how to choose good quality shoes in this post.

  • I don’t mind buying off season shoes, given that I know for a fact that those are ‘my style’ and not just because everyone else is wearing them. Because before you know it, those people have already moved on to the next trend by the time you’re getting used to the shoe style. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a classy one, but as long as it is an everlasting style in my own dictionary. A pair of animal print shoes might not be so everlasting in anyone else’s wardrobe, but since I have lots of black clothing, they will surely come in handy for me.
  • I try not to get tempted just because they’re on sale. Even if it is a really good bargain. Unless, I’ve already had an eye for that pair just before they’re on sale. And these two in particular have been on my radar for the last couple of months! Once their prices have been slashed down, I immediately purchased them.

Here are my two favourite brands at the moment! Both of them use good quality materials, some even have nice leather inner lining so they feel comfortable and the soles are not slippery.

Too bad Wittner is only available in Australia, but Pedro is available here and they even have an outlet for their discounted items in FX. Have I told you that they’re both really comfortable?