Thinking of Investing in Gold? Why Not Gaultier’s?

New year calls for new investment plan. If you’re thinking of investing in gold, then Jean Paul Gaultier might just come in the right time with his collaboration. If you think the overpriced Gucci bike is ridiculous, then Gaultier’s latest collaboration is no less. He’s teaming up with gold supplier Dillon Gage Metals to create a 24-karot ingots of gold inscribed with his logo. The current market price for the same bar would be more or less $1,679 but this particular one would cost $1,826.33 and $25 handling fee. So you would be paying $172.33 for that extra Gaultier logo placed on your gold bars. Something worth investing for? Well that, I’m not too sure of. After all, unlike bags or any other designer stuff you wouldn’t be bringing your gold bars around, so nobody will ever see the beautiful logo.

But you’ll be a judge of that.