Yay or Nay: Drop Crotch Skinny Jeans

Harem pants are a form of drop-crotch pant family that can become a reliable option to give us breeze and comfort. While skinny jeans are one of the most loved denim because the right pair in the right color can make us look slimmer, so people keep wearing them. I love wearing both harem pants and skinny jeans but I never imagined combining the two ideas into a pair of pants! So when Affi told us about drop-crotch skinny jeans, I couldn’t even figure out how it looked like until I see the picture. Drop-crotch skinny jeans are not a joke and they do exist!

Let’s start with Oak’s drop-crotch skinny jeans. This unisex jeans feature leg-hugging fit and extremely low drop crotch that falls right above the mid thigh. It comes in medium indigo and has classic 5 pockets as the details that resemble the “normal” jeans’ pockets. Drop-crotch skinny jeans by Oak retail for $ 79,00. Before being discounted, it was priced at $ 158,00. Should I be suspicious why the price was marked down? Or is it just too obvious?

Anyway, since I can’t think of the tips to make us look okay in this drop-crotch skinny jeans, wearing them with black high heels as the photos shows us below, might be one way. Or not. Can you think of any tips to wear this jeans? Or, most importantly, would you wear Oak’s drop-crotch skinny jeans?