New Face Complexion Products for 2012

Is it already that time of the year for you to replenish your face base products such as foundation and tinted moisturizer? If yes, keep reading this article we’ve got three things on our wishlist to replace our face complexion products. The thing about buying these specific types of product is that you will always need to keep buying it because it’s the one product that you will always use every single day. Well, at least for me.


1. Chanel Perfection Lumiere $55

This brand is already famous for their foundation range that is top notch and delivers flawless complexion. This product replaces the old Pro Lumiere foundation and it’s supposedly a long wear foundation that will last you for as long as 15 hours with SPF 10. It also contains the patented Chanel Perfect Light Control Complex that would be able to give colour correcting and perfect balance light diffusing effect. It’s also packed with Perfect Skin Affinity Complex which will deliver a flawless finish because it makes it possible for the foundation to take the form of your skin and adapt to its every movement. Plus, from the reviews that I’ve read before, it’s said that the foundation has a very lightweight feel and glides on ever so smoothly. Available in 23 different shades. Sounds like the perfection foundation, no?


2. Benefit Hellow Flawless Oxygen Wow $34

New addition to their wide ranges of cult following product is the foundation line called ‘Hello Flawless Oxygen Wow’. I always wonder how they never fail to come up with catchy names. Julie Bell, the vice president of global marketing for Benefit said that it’s about time that they’re entering the foundation market, because they’re known for their complexion products yet they have no foundation line within the brand!

The brainchild of a three years research, this foundation is going to be brightening, hydrating, luminous yet looking effortlessly natural. It includes the patented Oxygen Wow Hydrating Complex that will be able to boost cellular respiration to deliver plumping effect. It also contains Vitamin C and E derivatives in the antioxidant properties. Available in 9 shades and the finish is a buildable with light to medium coverage. Available online beginning 15 February and in store on 1 March. So save up your money ladies!


3. Nars Pure Radiance Tinted Moisturizer $42

We love tinted moisturizers for those days that we don’t want to look to0 ‘made up’ yet we still need the healthy and glowing effect of a foundation. Enter tinted moisturizer where it saves the day by giving us that dewy complexion and still manages to even out our tone. It feels light and refreshing as well. So, safe to say, that tinted moisturizer will always have a special place in our hearts. NARS one in particular said to be a complexion perfector – we’re loving the name whatever effect it may give us – with anti-aging and skin brightening properties. On top of it, this tinted moisturizer will include SPF30 PA+++ broad spectrum protection. There are going to be 9 shades available, which I’m most certain I will find one shade that will fit mine :)

So, what about you? Are you planning to change your foundation, tinted moisturizer and the likes? What is it going to be?