Cape Jacket, One of The Trends To Watch in 2012

Cape might be one of the oldest forms of outerwear in fashion history. Cape refers to outerwear with attached collar that falls over the shoulder. People used to wear cape because it is simple to be made and functions to keep anyone who wears it warm. A cape can be made by simply cutting a circle on a fabric to create a hole for the head. Interestingly, distinctive cape was worn by noble people, knights and farmers to represent their social status during medieval ages.

At first I got a bit confused to spot the difference between cape and cloak. Then I found an explanation on that a cloak’s length usually reaches the ankles while cape is mostly hip-length.

Cape is a classic item that seem to never go out of date. Now I just noticed that it actually makes a comeback in the runways. Today’s capes involve tailoring that make them look more structured compared to traditional circular capes.

Some Indonesian designers introduced a cape jacket in their latest collection such as Biyan in his collection presented at the opening show of Jakarta Fashion Week 2012, Sebastian Gunawan in his “Shanghai Swing” fashion show and also Ardistia New York in her Spring/Summer 2012 collection.



Sebastian Gunawan

Ardistia New York


Cotton Ink fashion show at Jakarta Fashion Week 2012‘s Cleo Fashion Awards


Interested to take part in cape jacket trend? Here are some cape jackets that can be ordered just a few clicks away:

Cotton Ink‘s black jacket with cape sleeves (Rp 329,000 ) and white cape (Rp 235,000 )


Kivee’s cloak blazer (Rp 220,000 ) and cape jacket (Rp 225,000 ); both are available on


Tips in wearing cape jacket:

– If you plan to wear cape jacket, choose attires that fit your body like fitted dress, skinny pants or pencil skirt. Baggy tops or bottom will make you look frumpy.

– For the bag, choose handbag or clutch that doesn’t have any long strap because strap will alter the shape of your cape jacket.