Editor’s Note: What ‘Tested’ Category in ‘Beauty School’ Means

You might notice that some of our beauty review are categorised as ‘Tested‘ and some don’t have that at all.

What Tested means is that one of our editors have actually tested on themselves the product that they are reviewing. They experience first hand, how the product feels, how fast it tackles the problem of your skin if it’s a skincare and whether it’s actually as good as what the brands claim it to be. If it’s a makeup product, we try whether the product is what they say they are with staying power and formula, what skin tone it is perfect with or how to work it with your tone, also what colour combination would be best to pair it with.

Yes, working at Fashionese Daily means that you have to be ready to be the guinea pig of our beauty adventures!

When I talk with brand representatives of how excited I am to try with new products, especially skincare, they are surprised at how I’m willing to take a risk with my skin on trying these new products. I wouldn’t exactly call trying new products as risk-taking. Why I have the courage to try different types of products is because I have known by heart what my skin’s problems are at this stage of my life. With that said, knowing that I have dry skin, I wouldn’t jump into using an all out skincare regimen targeted for oily skin and deprive it from the moisture it’s heavily thirsting for.

I also would read a brief description of the product before I try it so that I know what I’m about to try. This gives me a glimpse of what to be expected from the product that I’m about to try. I pay close attention to any negative feedback from other people that have reviewed it and taken them into consideration before I actually use it on my own. With this I would understand why I have and don’t have the same problem with them. What have I done differently? We try to find to which group this certain product would be perfect for and if there’s a problem arises from the trial, find an answer why it emerges in the beginning or, if it’s a makeup, find a solution to the problem.

There are many risk takers out there in our forum because they are, like us, a beauty adventurer at heart. Many of them also try the products themselves and give their utmost honest opinion about the product. Visit our Living Beautifully forum for review related to beauty and you’ll be amazed of how informative they are.

Next time you read our ‘Beauty School’ article, pay attention whether the ‘Tested’ category is ticked or not.