What’s Your Perfect Saturday?

What do you usually do on a Saturday? I’m trying to think of my previous life, that is before I decided to run my own business and have a family and I’m actually struggling to remember what my Saturdays as a single woman were like. I know that there were a good deal of meeting with friends at bars or clubs or going to concerts, festivals and other cool events. I think I also remember vaguely that I used to go to a bookstore all by myself and just browsed and read for hours and hours until it was time to meet my friends for dinner. Oh the luxury!

Nowadays, I still go to the mall or events on a Saturday, but for very different reasons because they usually mean work. When I don’t have to work, I spend my Saturdays at home with my little girl baking or watching DVDs together, or visiting her grandparents or other family members. It doesn’t sound too exciting, but I actually enjoy it because it balances my super hectic weekdays. Plus spending the whole day with my daughter is a precious time I seem to be getting less and less lately. So even though it’s quite different from when I was still single, I would consider it as the perfect Saturday.

Last Saturday, I had to attend an event at Pacific Place. I never could tell how you should dress when the invitation looks formal but the event is held in a mall. Not wanting to overdress (it was a Saturday after all), I decided to wear a semi formal blazer with a pair of jeans. They were a good choice because the other attendees were also in jeans.

  • KLE blazer
  • Body & Soul tanktop
  • Cotton Ink Krey shawl in Fire
  • Unbranded jeans
  • Pedro heels
  • Ciciero clutch
  • On my wrists: Casio Data Bank in Gold, vintage bangle I got from Portobello market, XSML bracelet, Energy muse amethyst bracelet and carnelian bracelet from Shambala.

Isn’t the clutch cute? I love that the texture of the material actually matches my shoes, even though I got them separately. This clutch is not yet available in Ciciero website but it will be soon! It’s also available in brown.