Vintage Treasure: Dad’s Old Omega Watch

I’m not really a watch person. Most of the time it’s either a hand me down or a gift from someone which either got lost along the way or the batteries ran out and I’m too lazy to change it.

But I always have an eye on my dad’s watch collection. Despite my small wrist, I love how men’s watch look on me. They look assuring, tough and timeless. Most of them anyway. So when I rummaged through my dad’s collection and found an old Omega Seamaster watch, my heart leap with joy. I’m completely smitten by its vintage feel and square shape. The watch wasn’t working when I found it, I found out that the watch is automatic and tried to turn the dial. The first time I used it, the watch only worked for about an hour and it died on me. Later I found out, the trick with automatic watch is that the more you wear it, the more it will harness power to run the clock’s machine.

This watch becomes my new favourite. What’s yours and why do you love it?