Pictures of the Pretty Ladurée Makeup Collection

Move over Jill Stuart, there’s a new cute makeup collection coming soon :)

We’ve told you here that Ladurée is coming with a makeup line soon, it will be available in Japan by early February. As soon as I see the pictures of the products from Laduree makeup collection, I swear I almost changed my mind when my friend asked me whether I want anything from her trip to Japan. I’m currently restricting myself on buying anymore beauty product, unless I really need them. But how could you resist cute makeup products like these? The packaging itself almost made me scream ‘Yes!’ to my friend’s offer without thinking anything. Lucky me, she’s going next week and the product is only available in February!

The blushes that come in 20 different colours, that match the yummy colour of Ladurée macaroon, are packaged in white and gold cameo design that is also etched on the blush powder. It retails for ¥3900 for refill and ¥1575 for cases and brushes. Yes, the Japanese are that calculating that they have to sell the blush powder and case separately.

But that’s not all, face powder and cream blush packaging are as to die for!

See, I told you! But wait until you hear the price. The Face Color Rose Ladurée that is available in three shades, I presume is an all over face powder that  is pressed into beautiful rose petals, complete with the lovely colour gradient. The price? It’s ¥7350 for refill and ¥3150 for case. So you would be cashing in more than Rp 1,000,000 for this face powder :)

The Cream Cheek Base that looks like a pretty poached egg for breakfast is priced at ¥4410, available in five shades. There are also some more other products available. For the complete price list see below.

  • Translucent Makeup Base (¥5250)
  • Fluid Foundation, 3 shades (¥6090)
  • Stick Concealer, 2 shades (¥3990)
  • Smoothing Base (¥3990)
  • Color Control Base (¥3990)
  • Face Powder, 4 shades (8820 for refill and ¥3780 for case with puff)
  • Lipstick, 7 shades (¥4410)
  • Cheek Brush (¥6300)
  • Face Powder Puff (¥630)
  • Hand Mirror (¥3675)