Who Was The Best Dressed at 2012 Golden Globe?

I guess seeing the red carpet full of beautiful dresses gives more excitement than a fashion week’s runway. It’s because the red carpet proves that you don’t need to have a supermodel’s body to look good in designers’ dresses. No wonder the dresses that celebrities wore at the Golden Globes or other award red carpets is always something to talk about. Those celebrities must have put so much effort to show up with their best look. To appreciate their effort, here I present you some photos of the gorgeous starlets and their dresses during 2012 Golden Globes red carpet.

As we can conclude from the photos, the red carpet was dominated with nude-colored gowns such as white, blush, or light grey. Jewel-toned dresses were also spotted; as example, emerald, sapphire, ruby and amethyst.

So who was crowned as the best-dressed at this year’s Golden Globes? Some other media named Angelina Jolie as the best dressed and I must say I agree with them. However, I also see that Emma Stone, Salma Hayek or´╗┐ Chalize Theron also managed to steal some spotlights. Who do you think earned the title?

Nicole Kidman in Versace; Jessica Chastain wore Givenchy


Angelina Jolie in Atelier Versace; Charlize Theron in Christian Dior


Nicole Richie sporting Julien Macdonald; Jessica Alba in Gucci


Emma Stone in Lanvin; Rooney Mara in Nina Ricci


Evan Rachel Wood in Gucci; Zoey Deschanel in Prada


Sofia Vergara in Vera Wang; Tilda Swinton in Haider Ackermann


Salma Hayek in Gucci; Madonna in Reem Acra


Other celebrities’ look:

Julianne Moore, Freida Pinto and Michelle Williams


Ariel Winter, Lea Michele and Kate Winslet

And of course, another question I should also ask is…who do you think was the worst-dressed today?

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  • http://femaledaily.com/member.php?username=bagshoes bagshoes

    suka sm emma stone. warna ungu terongnya kontras sm kulitnya.

  • http://femaledaily.com/member.php?username=sissy303 sissy303

    like nicole kidman. cantik banget

  • http://femaledaily.com/member.php?username=retailtherapy retail therapy

    emma stone’s adorable!

  • http://femaledaily.com/member.php?username=ladykika ladykika

    nicole kidman eye catching bgt, btw tilda swinton brings out the whitewitch into red carpet..pucet bgt

  • http://femaledaily.com/member.php?username=DesZeLL DesZeLL

    I couldn’t decide! I love Tilda Swinton in that monochromatic outfit and her hair is just fabulously complementing the design of the outfit!

    But Nicole Kidman dress also complement her body really well. She look like a sculpture. And she doesn’t look as skinny as she used to be.

    And my last favourite is got to be Charlize Theron. Although the detailing from the waist down is kinda ‘big’ but it turn out to be great and not as disastrous as her 2006 black dress with big bow that is also from Dior.

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  • http://femaledaily.com/member.php?username=Lorelai Lorelai

    Evan Rachel Wood is glorious! I just wish she’d worn dangly rubies and red lipstick :D the more drama the better.u
    It’s not posted here, but Heidi Klum dress and Torquoise necklace, gives quite an inspiration for a laid back look yet still make it to be stunning (It’s not really a red carpet praiseworthy thou).

    The least fav must go to Reese Whiterspoon. She wore red on red carpet, and she didn’t do a good job with hair, make-up or accessories…. she is ready to be stepped on by others *sigh*

  • http://femaledaily.com/member.php?username=sugarenspice sugarenspice

    It’s not featured here, but I like Jessica Biel’s dress.. it’s so dreamy with laces.. (picture here: http://www.graziadaily.co.uk/fashion/archive/2012/01/16/golden-globe-awards-2012–all-the-ceremony-gossip.htm)
    Btw is Ange Jolie getting skinnier? I feel rather scared seeing how small her arms are.. Also love Michelle William’s pixie cut.

  • http://femaledaily.com/member.php?username=mommyK mommy K

    Jolie is fabulous, lovin Kidman and Hayek dresess

  • http://femaledaily.com/member.php?username=ketupatkartini ketupatkartini

    Nicole Richie it is!! love it looove it! gaunnya beda…
    the bang was also.. score!

    angelina…never looked ‘human’ enough imo…

  • http://femaledaily.com/member.php?username=Saz Saz

    I love Angie’s look! The dress, the red lips, the hair, the purse… Classic Hollywood with a twist. It’s not your usual pretty pretty dress, really love it :D

  • http://femaledaily.com/member.php?username=cheapandpepper cheapandpepper

    Jolie hands down. Kayak pake susuk dia, kayak ada magnet nya gitu penampilan dia. In a good way ^_^

    Charlize look great, tapi permasalahan umum di orang kulit putih kalo pake baju warna muda, Charlize looked a little washed out. mungkin kalo rambutnya brunette atau aksesorisnya dibuat mencreng kayak Jolie bakal lebih bagus. Tilda juga luar biasa cantik, considering her usual look. Paling gak suka sama bajunya Madonna, keliatan keberatan banget,

  • http://femaledaily.com/member.php?username=Lena Lena

    yeah, camp jolie here. it’s inhuman how good she can look when she wants too. glek.
    my second fave is zooey deschanel. the dress, the hair, the makeup, the skin, flawless.

  • http://femaledaily.com/member.php?username=chilpa93 chilpa93

    Love Jolie’s outfit. She’s so classy and sophisticated. But my fave’s are Charlize Theron, Rooney Mara and Emma Stone. Emma proved that she is a fashion icon on the red carpet with that dress and the eagle belt that she point when Ryan Secrest asked her…. Rooney Mara is fashion icon on the making. For the premier “The girl with the dragon tattoo” she wears black like a lot but it fit her. She’s an edgy girl. It’s fun to see the difference on the red carpet

  • http://femaledaily.com/member.php?username=elvirapc elvirapc

    Nicole Kidman, Angelina Jolie, Charlize Theron rajin ya masuk The Best Dress.
    Personally, I would vote Nicole Kidman, and then Angeline Jolie.

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