Hair Makeover Ideas From Talents Salon

New Year is the perfect time to get a new hairstyle. See the three hair makeover done by Firman from Talents Salon for our three lucky members who won the Talents Salon makeover contest which we held last month. Who knows, it could inspire you to get a change in hairstyle too!

The three lucky winners were Dyzka, Mutia and Shella and the they got to spend their Saturday afternoon for a makeover. Let’s hear what kind of hairstyle these winners wanted and see the result.

Mutia: Beautiful and Easy to Manage Hair

Mutia’s shoulder length hair is thick and wavy. She wanted her hair to be straight, smooth, easy to style and layered like Kim Kardashian’s. As a busy mom, she wanted a hairstyle that stasy in shape even though she has to run around with her active kid.

Firman cut Mutia’s hair but didn’t reduce the length because Mutia planned to let her hair grow long like Kim’s. He only trimmed the hair because he then straightened the hair before adding layers. Mutia’s hair was straightened through smoothing process to make it easier to style. By undergoing smoothing procedure, Muthia’s hair that is thick and waxy will have smoother texture and would become more manageable. The hair color is let naturally as it was because Kim’s hair is as dark as Mutia’s.

Dyzka: Fluffy and Voluminous Look

Dyzka’s hair is one of those that is very straight and smooth. She wanted her hair to me more voluminous and at first she thought digital wave was the right choice to add volume to her hair.

Firman suggested differently. He explained, if someone chooses to do digital wave procedure to her hair, she must be ready for the consequences to style her hair everyday to maintain the curl, otherwise her hair won’t look as good. The good thing about digital wave according to him is, the styling on digital-waved hair will last longer compare to hair that isn’t treated with digital wave. Firman suggested cutting Dyzka hair and changing the color to make it appear more voluminous.

After asking what colors of outfit she mostly wears and examining Dyzka’s skin complexion, Firman offered some colors suitable for Dyzka and she chose dark red brown. From natural black hair, turning it into lighter tone would make her hair look thicker. After coloring, Firman also cut Dyzka’s hair. For the styling, Firman realized Dyzka’s wish to have thick wavy hair by curling it with curling iron which she can easily do herself at home whenever she wishes to have this style.

Shella: New Year, New Hair Color

Shella always wanted a lighter shade of hair color to give a different look to her style. Even though she already had her hair colored, but she wanted something different and lighter but still look suitable for her tone. Among the many choices of hair color available, she settled with ash to change her current red brown color. Firman didn’t cut much of her hair length because Shella prefered to keep the length. It’s very simple to style Shella’s hair, Firman just needed to blow her hair to make it more bouncy.

Don’t you agree that they all look beautiful with their new hairstyles? Thank you, Talents Salon for the makeover :)