My New Year’s Fashion Resolutions, What’s Yours?

On New Year’s Eve, I usually make myself new year’s resolutions. However, those resolutions don’t always last for long. I often forget the resolutions I made within few weeks or even few days. So this new year I try to be realistic, I haven’t made any 2012 resolutions until the idea to list my fashion resolutions came to mind.

I’ve never made any list of fashion resolutions before but I think this is something that I would try to remember and achieve. Unlike other hard-to-achieve resolutions such as losing few kilograms, fashion resolutions sound more doable and fun to me. Here are my new year’s fashion resolutions:

  1. First and foremost, I have to clean out my closet. I had organized my closet before last year ended but apparently it ain’t enough, I still need to take out some clothes. My closet still looks full yet the clothes I wear daily seem to be limited. I must not keep the clothes I haven’t worn for a year so it will be easier to find the clothes I want to wear, yet give more space if I do shopping.
  2. Exploring new shopping destinations. There are so many shopping destinations nowadays, new boutiques, new online shops not to mention the established shops that I haven’t visited. So this year I will try to visit shops I haven’t been before. I guess it will be fun to enter the stores I never visited at the mall to see what they have. Who knows there’s hidden treasure in it?
  3. Buying fashion items with style I never tried. This might be the most challenging yet exciting fashion resolution and it also gives myself reason to do shopping :D As an example, perhaps I will find myself a pair of high-heeled ankle boots since I never dare to wear boots.

Do you also have 2012 fashion resolutions? What’s yours?