Five Things You Need to Know About Scrubbing

Facial scrub is one of the common items that people use as exfoliator. Although exfoliation is recommended to be done at least once a week, and scrub is one of the products by which exfoliation can be done, but there’s more than just to scrub for exfoliator. For more information on exfoliation, you can read this article.

But coming back to scrub, do you think you’ve been scrubbing the right way? Here’s a couple basic information that you want to know about scrubbing.

  1. Use facial scrub once to twice a week. Using it too often will not add any benefit to your skin, it will only irritate and ruin the texture of your skin. Scrubbing once a week will be enough to help lift dead skin cells build up and keeping your skin smooth and glowing.
  2. Don’t use facial scrub with coarse texture. Our facial skin is much thinner and finer in texture compared to any other skin in our body. Therefore, mild form scrub should suffice in helping to lift the dead skin cells build up in the surface of our skin. Therefore, you should also avoid facial scrub that feels rough on the skin or you would be in danger on lacerating your skin.
  3. Don’t massage the scrub too hard. As I mentioned above, you don’t want to lacerate your skin and create scratches on it. Soft massaging in circular motion should be enough to make the scrubs do its work. Some of the dirt that you want to cleanse will not be able to be reached by the grit on the facial scrub no matter how hard you massage them. You will need chemical exfoliator such as AHA or BHA that will help dead skin cells to part from your skin’s surface.
  4. Good facial scrub doesn’t have to be expensive. They can be made out of natural ingredients that contains many benefit for your skin, for instance oatmeal, fruit pulp or sugar. We’ve also written an article about how to make a home-made lemon scrub.
  5. Avoid eye area when scrubbing. Your eye area is even much more sensitive and thinner than your face. So, avoid using any exfoliation product in this area at all cost or you will only shed unnecessary good layers of skin on this area.