Men in Style: The Traveler

It took me some (very long) time to get this article done. I’ve got this idea to write for Fashionese Daily Men in Style section because we, as a girlfriend, wife, best friend of one lucky guy, should know what’s best for him. And it’s also a possibility if the man himself would secretly click this section in the nearest future to find some kind of inspirations for their personal appearance.

I asked Hani if I could do this please, please, please, pretty pwetty please and she agreed with a big nod, super yay!

For this very my first article for Men in Style, who would be the best to be featured here than one of the most dynamic, healthy (and good looking) man to inspire us all.

Other than busy doing his work in motion pictures industry, our first guest here loves to travel all around Indonesia, visiting Aceh and Labuan Bajo, Flores, and recently we could say that he’s also one of the world travelers with his journey to Peru and Brazil, join the yearly glam of Rio carnival, went to Peru village, captured some valuable moments, get in touch with people there.

Along with the traveling he also found his passion in diving and already visited some of Indonesian outstanding diving spots, from Pulau Weh in Aceh to Raja Ampat in Papua.

The traveling not only gave him a physical adventure but also a spiritual journey inside. But it also gives him a strand of his signature style. On Buddhist Waisak day last year, at the great Borobudur temple, the biksu gave him one sacred white cotton thread and he’s wearing it as a bracelet ever since, to match his beloved black Bvlgari watch.

He gave me this rare opportunity to take a peek on his private belongings and photographed them all. I was picturing a bunch of young ladies screaming out loud only to look at him on the street, wondering what they would think if they know that I could touch his … iPad! XD

Of course being a famous person, he can’t really travel with ease. There were always some interesting moments here and there. For instance, when he visited Ambon, one store owner felt the need to close his place for a moment to protect him and his friends from too many fans out there, who tried to get to know him a bit better. Yes, screaming and all.

The big question is: WHO IS HE? Can you guess it easily? Is he one of your idols at the moment?

The one and only, Nicholas Saputra of course :)

Well, without too much high pitch note here, let’s see what his personal stuff that accompanies him in his daily activities:

Fashionable touch:

  • Sunglasses: Ermenegildo Zegna
  • Men wallet: Gucci
  • Watch: Bvlgari

Personal Scent:

  • Eau de toilette: Kiehl’s

Latest Insight:

  • Book: Murakami’s What I Talk About, When I Talk About Running

Gadget he cannot live without:

  • Smartphones: Samsung Galaxy S, BlackBerry
  • Camera : Canon s95
  • Laptop: MacBook Pro
  • Tablet: iPad

Diving/Swimming Gear:

  • Swim Eye Wear: Speedo
  • Dive Computer: Suunto