Product of The Week: Cap-Toe Wedges from Buttercup Shoes

Remember Buttercup Shoes that became Vanya’s pick on November 2011? I myself also have a pair of Buttercup Shoes, which is this ivory wedges with brown cap-toe (Rp 345,000). I thought this would make the perfect pick for this year’s product of the week.

The espadrille wedges measure about 7 centimeters so they give me moderate height. While their ivory and brown tones make the shoes quite neutral to match many colors of my outfits.

At first, the shoes felt slightly tight on my feet, perhaps because they’re still new. Surprisingly, they feel comfortable to walk with. They don’t hurt at all even when I wear them all day. When the shoes were still new, I tried not to wear them often because I was afraid they would get dirty in few times of wearing. But it turned out that the shoes don’t get dirty that easily. It only got few stains after I wore them several times to office, attending events and more. Other than that I also use them to walk on the streets and commuting by bus which are quite risky to make the shoes dirty. So, now you understand why I pick this pair of shoes as the product of the week. Just the perfect shoes to get through the rest of the year.