Find Your Personal Style & Win Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9

Have you read our article on ‘Do You Know What Your Personal Style is‘? So, what is your personal style? If you have find yours, read on this article so that you can win Samsung Galaxy Tab8.9 to complete your personal style.

Whatever your signature style, Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9 will definitely be the best gadget to suit your every need. With myriad of applications that can be downloaded free from Android Market for every signature style, it’s definitely on everyone’s list. You will also love the clarity of the picture that the 1280×800 WXGA TFT LCD delivers and clear sound from this gadget to keep you accompany with your favourite tunes at any time you want. There’s so much more you can do with this gadget, read our reviews to see more what you can do with it.

What do you think your personal style is?

After reading the six personal styles description from this article, you can tell and eliminate which one definitely is not your style. By eliminating them you just have fewer signature styles to choose from. You might have one description that can fit you, but think about which style plays a stronger role in your life. For instance you like all the classic items and prefer the LBD compared tocolourful cocktail frocks, but you also tend to follow the latest trends. Don’t worry! Every one of us has a little bit of fashionista in us. But it also tells that you have a stronger classic style in you.

Share with us your signature style and you might stand a chance on winning a Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9.

How to join Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9 Personal Style Contest?

Want to know how to join this Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9 Personal Style contest? Here’s how:

  1. Choose one from the six personal styles you think most fits you
  2. Follow both @fashionesedaily and @Samsung_ID Twitter accounts
  3. Tweet us your personal style
  4. Ask your friend to confirm your pick
  5. Don’t forget to include #GalaxyTab89 in your answer
  6. Winner have to be a member of Female Daily Forum, we will verify this information when we’re confirming the details of the winner.

Need an example of the answer?

According to from @fashionesedaily I am a classic @Samsung_ID #GalaxyTab89 Lady, do you agree @vanyasunanto?

It’s as simple as that and you will be in the run for winning the new Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9! Tweet to us what’s your tips in nailing your signature look and tickle our interest to your answer.

You can copy paste the format but remember to really pick your signature style, because we might check with your friends to confirm your answer.

This contest is open from today until Friday, 13 January 2012.