Sariayu Etnika Nusa Tenggara Shimmering Powder

What is it? Sariayu Etnika Nusa Tenggara Shimmering Powder

The Claims: Like many shimmering powder that you’ve seen in the market, this product is perfect for highlighter. Comes with four colours in a package; white will give nice highlighting effect, pink to add colour as a blush, brown and creme to add sculpting effect. When the four colours are combined, it promises a soft and shimmering effect to finish off your makeup.

Who is it for: People looking for a neutral tone highlighting powder.

The Star Ingredients: Contains Vitamin E that is known as antioxidant and this powder also gives a UV protection, but doesn’t exactly say how much. Enriched with Amethyst mineral.

Packaging & Formula: Comes in a clear pressed powder plastic packaging with a gold circle engulfing the packaging. You can see the nice flower design of the shimmering powder through the see through lid top. The pink, brown and creme powder are quite fine allowing for a nice application. However, on the contrary the white highlighting powder is quite chalky in terms of the texture and shimmer. It comes with a mini flat kabuki brush that is surprisingly quite soft. You can keep both the powder and brush in a simple plastic pouch that comes with the product.

The Verdict: Finally, there’s a shimmering powder that is available at an affordable price. On top of that, it’s also Made in Indonesia. Thumbs up for Sariayu for a very well thought-out and executed product. Shimmering powder nowadays is just as essential as blushes and people love them because of their shimmering effect that can light up your whole face and make your cheeks appear more sculpted. Of course, most of them also come in an interesting powder design like this one. Which makes it even more adorable.

Quality-wise for the price I pay, it’s somehow beyond my expectation. Although the white powder is a bit chalky, but when blended together it really does quite a good job as highlighter. It’s something more on the neutral side, because for a medium tone like me, the pink powder doesn’t really shows.

How much? Rp 43,000

What can be improved? It would be really nice if the shimmer is not too chalky so it wouldn’t fall all over my cheeks. Colour selection would be really great as well. I’m really hoping something along the line of pink, coral and neutral. Maybe for the next collection?