Do You Know What Your Personal Style Is?

We often hear the word ‘personal style’ but do we really understand what our personal style really is? Personal style is not something you have overnight. It needs to be nurtured with time and many aspects in your life will affect your signature style. It can include, but not limited to, the style in your circle of friends, what type of professions you hold, the style and personality of the city you live in and many more.

Why don’t we start with the most common styles that you often see in people? Perhaps by giving you the description of each style you would find what your signature style really is.


  • Who: Conservative, simple yet chic is how to define your style. You prefer all things minimalist and a matching outfit is definitely your thing.
  • Fashion inspiration: Audrey Hepburn, Jackie O and Coco Chanel
  • Staple items: White button down shirts, black jackets, little black dresses, black pencil skirts, jeans and tailored pants.


  • Who: If following the latest trend and making it your own is what you do best than you definitely fit into this category. You at least own three items that currently belong to this season’s “must-haves’.
  • Fashion inspirations: Olivia Wilde, Blake Lively and Emma Watson.
  • Staple items: Pieces that have non-traditional style with structured shape, exaggerated lines and silhouette. You have more than one item in your wardrobe that are currently in season.


  • Who: Fabrics that fall graciously on your body are much more preferred along with pieces that have whimsical feel to them and soft colour palettes. Dainty and delicate jewelries never fail to capture your heart.
  • Fashion inspirations: Taylor Swift and Scarlett Johansson.
  • Staple items: Outfit with feminine details such as ruffles, lace, pleats, that look frilly and look whimsical. Pieces such as dresses and skirts dominate your wardrobe.


  • Who: People always say to you that you push the boundaries when it comes to fashion. You’re creative, aren’t afraid of colours and you are also bold in terms of the clothes that you pick.
  • Fashion inspirations: Chloe Sevigny, Mary-Kate Olsen and Alexa Chung.
  • Staple items: Pieces that can be combined together to create layering. Something made from unique fabrics and textures, also have unique styles. Graphical prints never fail to catch your eyes.


  • Who: Those who like to keep it simple and functional. Clothes with structured shape yet loose fitting are your favourite. Love wearing men’s watches and other “masculine” accessories such as those made with leather and metal.
  • Fashion inspirations: Agyness Deyn and Michelle Williams
  • Staple items: Jeans is your favourite and you often choose pants over skirts. Silhouettes are mostly bold, structured but also loose-fitting. Biker jacket and a pair of boots will always come handy to toughen up girly pieces.


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