Yearly Roundup; Bags Purchase

Every year, I’ll allow myself to buy 3-4 designer bags, this year it’s a bit more because I’ve also sold two of my bags, so the extra purchase is truly justified. The two bags that I sold are the ones I bought on an impulse two years ago..*sigh*, but the five bags I acquired this year have gone through long thought and consideration, no more impulse buying!. As much as I love bag, I’m very specific about it, part of it because the price isn’t exactly cheap and part of it is because there’s not many bag that fall in the categories that fit my style and lifestyle, but once I get it, I’ll keep it for life.


The first bag I bought was in January 2011 and it was Louis Vuitton Azur Neverfull MM. This bag was special, well each of my bag is special, but this was different because I bought it with my very hard earned money for something I’ve been working day and night :). I remember walking out of its Plaza Indonesia boutique with Vanya, smiling like the happiest girl on earth. The Neverfull MM is just the perfect size for everyday bag, it’s roomy, light and literally ‘neverfull’. After wearing the bag for a few times I kicked myself for not getting this bag earlier!

Chanel Grand Shopping Tote bag was the second bag I bought. It was sometimes in May as a birthday present. Remember this post?. Linda silvershorelake was kind enough to hop into Chanel Rue Cambon store to get this bag for me when she was in Paris visiting Ayufie. Well, I’m certain she would visit that store anyway :D. At first I wanted the navy, but that color was hard to find, even the regular colors were sold out everywhere. This bag was also very rare to find in Milan and Paris boutique when I went there last year.  So I settled with cream, as long as it has gold chain. In real, it’s more beige than in the picture.  I don’t wear this often enough as it’s not an everyday bag, but whenever I want to feel all grownup and lady like, I would take this bag from my dresser and take it out and about.

After that Chanel splurge, I’m pretty sure I promised myself not to buy anymore bag anytime soon. But exactly a month later, a YSL Muse in Cognac appeared in Female Daily Mini Fashion Sale. Oh no, I thought to myself. YSL Muse has been on my wish list for a while, I like it because it’s something you can wear everyday without looking too casual. The size is perfect for when you don’t want to carry your whole life in it, and the color goes well with everything. And what closed the deal was when yummysabina, the previous owner gave me a special discount…I couldn’t resist the temptation.


Did you read the editor’s October wish list? Well in the same month, I put my name on Krisylane Celine Luggage wish list through nonadado. I was asking for the mini luggage in Anthracite. I had been wanting for this bag since early this year but this bag seemed to be harder and harder to get, especially after fashion week where the fashion editors were spotted toting around this bag. One day after I put my name on the waiting list, a mini luggage in Anthracite popped up in Krisylane but it was not came from my order, she got it through a consignment instead. I forgot how I spotted it, maybe nonadado told me about it through BBM? Hmm. It was written as Anthracite but the picture looked like it’s a black. Krisylane agreed to send her messenger to Female Daily office to let me check first if this was the color that I wantedt. And turned out it was and the bag became mine mine mine :))). Now I just need to remind myself every time I wear it that the beautiful bag is not a luggage even though the name suggest otherwise, to avoid over stuffing it like I always do!.

Last bag purchase of year is a Tod’s D Easy Bag that I just adopted last week from Magenta Wardrobe. I had actually almost bought the bag in orange in the middle of the year from my best friend. At first I wasn’t sure but I asked her if I could let it stay in my house for a few days before making a decision and she didn’t have a problem with it. And when I already made up my mind, my friend changed her mind and decided to keep it because she missed the bag already! :D. Then the bag went on sale at the boutique and I was this close in buying it at its Pacific Place boutique. The sales assistant even already wrapped the bag but then I told her to keep it under the cash register area first while I went for lunch. Vanya was with me at that time and I think I’ve annoyed her enough with my never ending question inside the boutique..:D. But at the end of the day, I didn’t come back to pick up the bag. I love it, but I wasn’t crazy about the color. That was why when I saw the purple one at Magenta Wardrobe I knew I had to get it, especially when its at the price much lower than the one in the boutique last time. I believe this bag is one of the best selling bags from Tod’s and I can easily understand why. The coated canvas will give you a peace of mind during this rainy season and the pop of color will brighten up your outfit in an instant. It’s also light and roomy, the must have attribute for an everyday bag. Not only this bag is roomy, it has two different compartments, making is easier to organize and find your stuff.

So that’s it for my 2011 bag purchase. What about you? What did you buy and how do you like your bag so far?